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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * MAP INFORMATION * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TITLE : WaterWoodandStone FILENAME : Xp_Wwands.pk3 AUTHOR : Meteorkid aka Michael hyman DATE : 19/07/2011 GAME : Q3A (excessiveplus/or anything you see fit) TYPE : (FFA,TDM, Freeze,) EMAIL ADDRESS : **email removed** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * PLAY INSTRUCTIONS * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Copy "Xp_Wwands.pk3" to your Q3/baseq3 directory 2. Select from the skirmish menu or type in the console \map Xp_Wwands 3. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * AUTHOR's NOTES * MANIFEST * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- lol at these questions haha ali xd *what has inspired u to make this map? because its what intrests me and i like quake. *whats the idea about your map? it started off as a castle map but evoled into something diffarent. you can still see to castle turrets within the map. *does ur map have a special theme/intention? WaterWoodandStone in a sligthly creepy manner. not really gothic. *is there any story about your map? yes it came out of the earth and you went to have a look etc :D *or something you wanna tell the world/player? explore the map its quite big. you get extra points for finding the skellington Edit: it also has 6085 world brushs and 849 entities :) Edit2: it took me 7 months on and off to make ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * SPECIAL FEATURES * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *how many spawnpoints are on the map? 22 *are there any new/special features in your map? A wall of water and some nice architurual stuff *did u use new or selfmade textures or sounds? i got a free one off the web skull was right they are good.:P *are there any secrets/easterEggs in your map? i will let you find that out *anything the player should know? its a big complex map ITEMS : lots POWERUPS : BS/Haste/tele/mega WEAPONS : LG/PG/GL/RL/RG/SG AMMO : lots/grouped BOT SUPPORT : YES
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