AEon's DM17
by AEon
AEon's DM17 by AEon
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#9   20 Nov 2020
A unique, refreshing take on q3dm17. Plays very well. Camping has been significantly reduced.
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Colton Rep. 349
#8   14 Jun 2016
There's leftovers of q3dm17 still left in the map. Take a look at the RA walkway, for example. That's a leftover of the RA walkway in the original q3dm17.
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#7   07 Jan 2012
Impressive map!
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AEon unregistered
#6   02 Aug 2001
Hi again <|3FG20K> :)

nice comment... i always sorta did my thing when i comes to mapping... this has several reasons, i find it too much work to immitate id's style and boring too... so i try to go for the minimalistic straight, low texture count look... and concentrate on interesting brush (architectural) design... :)

wish i had more time to do maps, but with all the coding i also do for aestats and the web sites ;)...


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<|3FG20K> unregistered
#5   31 Jul 2001
This is one of the cooler maps out there based on Q3DM17 - I think the author should get more credit, it seems like he's a mapper in his/her own kind... Aeon's Archs is a phat level too.
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The Loader unregistered
#4   26 Jul 2001
kind of fun really but space floaters are not my favorites, but to be fair a 7 from me ;)
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AEon unregistered
#3   26 Jul 2001
Hi neg!ke,

about the bots :)... i like my maps full... i played instagib against then and wanted it packed... hope you get a bit of fun out of it...


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neg!ke unregistered
#2   26 Jul 2001
nice work, it kinda reminds me on my q3dm17ish map. the railgun jumppad is a good idea, but the other jumppad destinations could have been better, indeed. and, in my view, there are too many bots set up in the .arena file. anyway, an 8 from me!
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AEon unregistered
#1   26 Jul 2001

just a few comments to the review :)

>This map has clearly been influenced by q3dm17 but its

>far from a straight copy.

used original q3dm17 and adapted it... most brushes where

indeed moved...

> There are a few problems with the map. The outside bounce pads

> that launch you toward to the middle requires air control. Better design would

> have eliminated this.

this is a matter of seeing it... i did this on purpose to make it more

difficult to get to the top platform, to make it harder to get there.

>The bounding box (sky) is too tight; as it is you can launch off the launch

>pads and hit the sides!

if indeed a problem... i did this to lower r_speeds and compile times...



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