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Airking by Christopher (killer) Miller
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HDK! Rep. 190
#5   10 May 2012
Simplemente hermoso=)
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lugia_trainer unregistered
#4   23 Aug 2001
simply the best map.

Bots play great and it is really great for a railgun junkie like me.

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PhreekUhXoid unregistered
#3   28 Jul 2001
You make, imo, the best kind of Sp@ce maps... Very different.
Gotta love Wasted Space...


Way 2G0 Killer!!!

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The Loader unregistered
#2   26 Jul 2001
good work from ya Miller; love to rail from the outer ring and do the 360. go on...
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Christopher Miller unregistered
#1   26 Jul 2001
I seem to differ with your opinion of my map. Your comment was: "The main problem with this layout is the same as for q3dm17. As soon as someone has the Rail gun they can stop anyone else from getting it (assuming good Rail aim)" I did take that into consideration with the design. That's why the rocket launcher is in the middle, underneith the rail (hidden) and you can go off the inside floating bouncepads to get to the top and the rail, if someone is up there snipping you have a pretty good chance of popping up with the rocketlauncher, and taking them out. If they are out on the platforms snipping just teleport out to them and blow em away. the whole map is accessable through the teleporters, you can jump into one of them from almost any platform. I think it's the best work I've done yet. Let me hear ya people. What do ya think?
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