AEon's DM17
by AEon
Title : AEon's DM17
Filename : map-aedm17.pk3
Map : aedm17.bsp
Version : 02/14/2001 (r50)

Author : Christoph A. Loewe (AEon)
Email Address : **email removed**
Website :

Description : Quake III Arena - DM / Tourney / Instagib.
Re-make of id's q3dm17, with narrow ledges to
make camping more difficult, changes in pads and

Other Levels by Author : AEarena, AEsculpt, AEarcs for Quake III Arena.
AEcantow, AEcthdrl, AEcube for Half-Life.
AEcyrena, AEshake2 both for Quake II.

See under "Files".

Thanks to : id Software for providing the source to q3dm17.
To's Blade who inspired me to
do this map with instagib in mind.
Thanx also to my other testers: Flash and the
folks on the EvilBing instagib server.

Background : The map was build in about a week with some more
days of fine tuning and tweaking. Since I have
played q3dm17 a lot, I wanted to change a few
things to make the new map fresh and challenging.


* Instructions *

1) Extract aedm17.pk3 into your Quake3/baseq3/ directory
2) Start Quake3
3) Maps will be accessible from the menu

* Play Information *

Settings : Deathmatch, Tourney, 'Instagib'
Bot Support : Bots are fully supported
Level Name : AEdm17
Single Player : Bots
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Bots
Deathmatch Player : yes (12 respawn points)
Number of Players : 2-8
Difficulty Settings : Bots again

Map build system &
Number cruncher : Athlon 900MHz w/384 MB, Win98 & GeForce 64MB
Compile Time : 5 seconds (bsp),
28 minutes (full vis),
32 minutes (light -extra)

* Construction *

Base : q3dm17 source by id Software
Editor used : GtkRadiant v1.1
Known Bugs : None, hopefully 8-)
Build time : February 1st to February 14th

New Textures : yes... 1 texture that replaces main_q3abanner
New Shaders : yes... 1 shader that uses aeons/ae_banner
New Sounds : nope...

* Design changes *

As mentioned, I started off with id's q3dm17 and moved several things
around to make the map more instagib conform, e.g. making it very hard
to camp in this map.

- The pad (that went east) to the old railgun platform was removed.
This pad was added to the north and south, where the wall was broken
open. You can now reach to 4th floor via these pads.

- The lowest level (1st floor) was made symmetrical and a bit narrower.
Major change: The quint-pad in the middle was replaced with a 2-sided
teleporter and one pad above the teleporter.

- The 2nd and 3rd floors now have the western parts (north and south)
mirrored to the east side as well. Adding 2 more jumppads in the east
that go north/south.

- The 4th floor (where the quad used to be along with the teleporter)
was turned into a larger 8-sided platform that now supports the quad
and the railgun.

* More Thoughts *

If you compare my changes to the original q3dm17 you will notice that
the map gets very fast passed, since the central quint-pad on the lowest
floor was replaced with a teleporter. Adding more respawn points makes the
map very unsafe for campers, since 'fresh' players will respawn all around
you. Against 7 hardcore bots in instagib, your average time alive will go
down to an average of 2-5 seconds... this is pure frenzy ;).

The map is ideal for 4-5 players, the maximum (same as with q3dm17) is
definitely 8 players. I tried 11 bots and this made any gameplay
impossible, too many re-spawn kills.

Does this make the re-make better than id's original... nope :)... but
I hope that the map is interesting enough to try out 8-)).

* Credits *

Thanx to id Software, for Doom, Quake, Quake II, and Quake3Arena.

* Legal Stuff *

This level is (c) 2001 Christoph A. Loewe (AEon).
You are not to include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial
product without first obtaining permission from the author. You may not mass
distribute this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited
to compact disks, and floppy disks.

* Where to get this map *,

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