Jump Nyabinghi
Jump Nyabinghi by Quakeulf
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cecil GAMBLE unregistered
#7   09 Mar 2011
your level is the most fun of lall
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Hrewty unregistered
#6   24 Jul 2001
Time restraints have forced me to go with the "small, but fast" look of my maps, but it will change, I promise. I know small maps can be either this or that, and that you cannot get the full monthy by playing them.

But hey, half a meg of space is not wasted space, besides, this map will be all over your precious harddrive before you can say "spam"!

And thanks for the comments! Now I know what to work with. :)

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elvis unregistered
#5   21 Jul 2001
a fast map that looks dope. bob marley in the secluted area was a nice touch, and nice over all texturing an brush work.

this map gave me some ideas.

its got a nice flow but you hit your head in a couple of areas really fucks up the flow.

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hannibal unregistered
#4   19 Jul 2001
Enjoyable like your others man, but Hrewty, you need to expand the footprints on these babies if you want to keep people's attention for more than a few matches.
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<|3FG20K> unregistered
#3   16 Jul 2001
This map is awesome. It has a nice fast layout, and it is great for tourney.
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nitin unregistered
#2   15 Jul 2001
quite nice but its too small, like all of hrewty's map that I've seen.
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Octovus unregistered
#1   15 Jul 2001
Ooooh! First post :-D

I liked this map a lot. My favourite of the 3 I downloaded today (out of the 5 Lvl uploaded).

Some reasons why:

The aesthetic! I don't really see the city theme; I suppose you could associate some textures with a city, but it feels more along the lines of the sewers than any city I've known. The fog really added something to the whole deal, and since it was nice and low lying it didn't really affect the gameplay (except maybe a hidden grenade if you weren't lucky ;-) )

The gameplay! It worked great! The plasmagun was very useful, as was the rocket launcher. I liked the trap for the Body Armor area, though the bots seemed to be more confused about it than anything :-)

One point: Those spikes that come down to block off the exits when you use the trap are butt ugly. Not that I really expect anything more, the rest of the map is amazing, but that little bit detracted from the aesthetic somewhat :-)


P.S. Gave it an 8.

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