The Longest Screams
The Longest Screams by neg!ke
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Chunky Kibbles! Rep. 246
#5   18 Nov 2014
This is a pretty good level and a neat layout, although I will agree the bots don't play quite like you would expect. When I played five bots on hardcore, the main weapon used was the rocket launcher. The bots blew themselves up more than they "fell into the void". Only one of them ever went for the railgun, one time. If you can get on the railgun platform and dodge rockets, more than likely you can win. I've seen and played far worse maps than this one! 7/10
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Juz unregistered
#4   18 Jul 2001
I said the botplay wasn't good enough because they kept doing stupid things when i was playing with them. For a start they kept jumping off between the two platforms for no reason, and even xaero didn't go for the railgun half the time, or the red armor any of the time.
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twobombs unregistered
#3   18 Jul 2001
I've played this level, and I think it rocks ! I don't know why the lvl said that bot play wasn't good enough... But I play with bots set on hardcore, and i've had one hell of a time, with gibbage and c3wl action all over the place.

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The Loader unregistered
#2   17 Jul 2001
okay Quaker-X; it´s good work but not as good as a 9. I´d rather give a 7 because the map is too simple with only two real platforms to fight and no special things.
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Quaker-X unregistered
#1   16 Jul 2001
this map owns...the way you fly in the air with the jump pads, its great. good job, 9 from me
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