Dead Cells
Dead Cells by Quaker-X
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Whatscheiser Rep. 662
#20   17 May 2023
I really like the layout on this one, but what stops it from being a keeper for me is actually the texture set. the platforms and corridors are tight and layered over each other in many cases. The author chose to border each of these pathways with a bright yellow texture that to my eye is just a little too distracting and in some cases I'd say it makes focusing on player models more difficult. I appreciate the over all detail of the map, but I feel like that border texture could have been toned back quite a bit.
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AEon Rep. 780
#19   23 Aug 2009
Take your time to actually enjoy all the detail, and how neatly the "gritty" metal textures integrate into the rock face, when you happen to look up in the map. Those "ventilator"-JPs are really nice. A definite download and very much fun to play against the bots.
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Black Dog unregistered
#18   23 Jun 2004
Really nice map, but how much yellow trim does one room need?
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]DL[BMF unregistered
#17   01 Nov 2001
D'oh! Just now saw Quaker-X's comment about the readme.txt and the quad. /me is a dumbass, and will stop looking now...
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]DL[BMF unregistered
#16   01 Nov 2001
There seems to be a lot of dissension here about whether the item placement is good or not -- I'd say that it is for the most part, although I'd agree with the one comment about the sg & rl being too close together. The map looks good, although the colour scheme can start to grind ya after a while. I thought the bots played it really well -- they did prefer the lower level, but not overly so. The apparently unobtainable quad (I'm still trying to find a hidden tele, though... ;-) ) is pretty annoying IMHO, although that's surely the intent. One small criticism that applies to all of Quaker-X's maps is the overuse of player clipping. I find it distracting in the indentations in the halls and such, and absolutely maddening when I RJ and slam the invisible ceiling. While it's better than snagging in the halls, shallower indentations would make it less obvious. A great map overall, a keeper.
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Featured Ripper unregistered
#15   23 Jul 2001
Running this one backwards is pretty cool. Great games had by all.
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hannibal unregistered
#14   21 Jul 2001
Enjoyable and a nice look. Keep at it man.
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Octovus unregistered
#13   18 Jul 2001
Ahaha. Man I feel like a dick. Tig, if you read this message, could you please delete my previous posts...

Apparently I had finger trouble and was playing the older "Gothic Rage" map...that's what you get for doing it late at night...

Which also explains why I didn't think the texture sets were the same, I wasn't seeing the same map, which means my other two posts should be deleted too...and I'll be back here soon with a real review, which means if you could discount my previous vote of 6 so I can score it (presumably higher) that would be'm stupid..

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Monaco unregistered
#12   17 Jul 2001
I love these textures; I have a whole collection of maps using them. This is one of the better ones.

Bots seem happy to me, but they don't go in the main room (in screenshot) enough for my tastes.

The sand is cool so is the teleporter but my LAN freinds and I never emember that it is there. And the ungettable Quad totally ROCKS. People spend ages jumping off the ledge at it as I shoot them.


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Octovus unregistered
#11   17 Jul 2001
Bah, wonder why Lvl went referring to it by two names then :-p Oh well :-)


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nanoSpawn unregistered
#10   16 Jul 2001
Lemme you explain you a thing about Clockworks.

Maps that has used it: 15 days to boilermaker, by Monsto Brukes.

Kona's Offworld

Dead Cells by Quaker-X

Maybe some more, but i havent seen them yet.


Clockworks Droid IS HeadHunter's set 1 (hh1). So dont get fooled, mate :). You can download both sets (there's only one, tho) at HeadHunters Site or at the Bighouse.

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Quaker-X unregistered
#9   16 Jul 2001
read the readme.txt

it says, you cannot get quad, AND that the bots suck, BUT if you play with the bots i set up for the level on hardcore, they go everywhere. i put this map in the beta section for item placement, and this is what they suggested i put.

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Octovus unregistered
#8   16 Jul 2001
Good to see some people agree with me...I was afraid I was going crazy :-p

nanoSpawn: The Clockwork Droid texture set is used in [Kona]'s map "Offworld", while "Dead Cells" uses the HeadHunter's 3 textures :-)


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The Loader unregistered
#7   16 Jul 2001
a good work from you Quaker-X; but for me to many yellow/brown stripes and a bad item placement = so I gave it an only a 7 !!
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nanoSpawn unregistered
#6   16 Jul 2001
Cool map, and good use of the Clockworks Droid set. I like a lot the layout, but dislike the item placement, which i find horrid, missed some armor shards , found 3 weapons too close and a whole area without weapons, and it's way too easy to control. A better item placement would make of this a great and and absolute must map. Anyway, is cool for FFA without needing any tweaks, but for tourney games this item placement just doesnt work.

A 7, great aesthetics, great layout, bad (or not so ok) item placement. Place weapons not that close, use some more yards around the map, and remove some health in the way of the MH.

Anyway, good job there.

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<|3FG20K> unregistered
#5   16 Jul 2001
This map is nice. The layout suits 4 player DM and Tournament like a charm. I'm not entirely sure if there's some trick to get the quad, but I do know that it looks cool to tease the players - I did this in one of my old QuakeWorld maps =) Anyway, the bots are pretty stupid i'll agree, but that's only because the bottom level has alot of stuff on it- therefore the bots won't want to go to the upper level.
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xfoo unregistered
#4   16 Jul 2001
W - T - F

Every time I tried to load this map, my q3 crashed =0 I could go and load up any other map, but this one just didn't wanna work!


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Octovus unregistered
#3   15 Jul 2001 I missing something? This map is good, sure, but not great...

Bot play in this map was, for me, horrible. Maybe I was unlucky, bot the bots just loved the lower area of the map and hardly touched the upper ones. Which was tempting for me as a human being too; the offers of the megahealth and the red armor were there, and indeed were tempting in tourney, but for FFA the prospect of fragging someone on the lower levels was much more inviting.

Yes, I did notice the tourney stamp on the level. But the level is rather large and tight for a tourney map. No, I'm not a rail fiend. But it's hard to find your opponent. Those cramped corridors full of armor shards and health balls were a death trap, in that your opponent instantly knew were you were and you had trouble escaping, and yet were key to moving about on higher levels.

Over all, it looks nice, and plays ok, and sure, I'll keep it, but it's nothing as amazing as these people seem to think it is to me. But if everyone else absolutely loves it, what else can I say besides have a good time? :-)


P.S. Gave it an 8.

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QUAKER-JPEG unregistered
#2   15 Jul 2001
After playing this map, you have to ask yourself one question: Is this a good map?

Answer: FUCK yah it is!!

Everybody get the fuck off Quaker-X or he will own you bitches!!

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DaZ unregistered
#1   15 Jul 2001
I downloaded this a few days back and told Quaker-X on irc what I thought, but a quick re-cap :

  1. This map 0wnz
  2. This map's gameplay 0wnz
  3. The shotgun and RL are too close.
get this map now :)
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