Dead Cells
Mapname : Dead Cells
Filename : qxtourney2.bsp
Suggested player load : 1v1, 2-4
Weapons : All of them except the BFG and Plasma Gun

Supported gametypes : FFA & Tournament

Release date : June 14, 2001

Author : Ryan "Quaker-X" Rutherford
Email : **email removed**

Other maps by me : Lots o' Frags (qxdm1)
Broken Silence (qxdm2)
Gothic Rage (qxtourney1)

Compile machine : P3 866, 256 MB

Compile Time : 11 minutes, 43 seconds

Build time : Hmm...worked some, stopped, worked some more...

Editor used : Q3Radiant

New Textures : Yup.

Some words : Here is my 4th Quake 3 map so far, Dead Cells. This is a great 1v1 map. I worked on this for a bit, stopped for a
couple weeks, worked more, stopped, and so on. I finally decided to finish it, and here it is.
This is the Quake 3 version of the map. Check out the Madness mod at\madness
for the mod and Madness only versions. The Quake 3 bots don't really like the some points
they even just run around in circles. Just set up a server and throw in some friends and frag that way,
its a lot better. Oh and for anyone that reads this readme, you will find out that you CANNOT GET QUAD!
REPEAT! CANNOT GET QUAD! It is just a joke...saying that this map is for everyone. For people that like
the quad in maps, and for people that hate quad in maps.

Installation : Extract the contents of this zip file to x:\your_quake3_path\baseq3\
Start Quake 3 Arena and select the map from the multiplayer menu or type \map qxtourney2 in the console
and throw in some bots to start fraggin' and kickin' butt and stuff.

Thanx to : My Dad (Thrasher, Zeppo), Rorshach for the great textures, Justin Fisher for the skybox (hope you don't mind), My Cuz (Quaker-Z),
KoRn_FLaKes_, Darth Haun, flow, people at the ..::LVL beta section, The IntelliBot Team,
Id Software for the game, and a couple others...sorry if I forgot you.

Legal notes : Copyright (c) 2001 Ryan Rutherford (aka Quaker-X)
All rights reserved.

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.

This level may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN