Jump Nyabinghi
Jump Nyabinghi by Quakeulf

A very nice 2 floor industrial / city themed level. This map looks good and plays fast. The standard Q3A textures have been used consistently throughout the map. Lighting is a little bland. It would have been good to have seen much more dynamic lighting rather than just straight down fill lights. The architecture and brush work is simple enough to keep the r_speeds down, yet detailed enough to be very effective at creating a solid atmosphere. This is a fine balance that many mappers have trouble with. Game play is fast in a three player DM. Tourney games are also enjoyable although its a little too easy for a player too dominate from the upper middle floor. There is a trap for the haste power-up which can be fun and tactical within games. The only nit-pick is a missing clip brush on the overhanging lip on the bounce pads. You can hit your head on these and end up with a double bounce. Bots play the map fine, unless the trap is triggered.

Well worth the download.

Ranked: 2.8 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Jump Nyabinghi by Quakeulf