Base X
Base X by D-Bone_[HAGG]
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Mapsking Rep. 382
#17   04 Jul 2020
Some may not care, but I wanted to point out there is an image of a nude woman, and the tv screens depict blowjobs and nudity as well. In addition, the name the .pk3 file is q3basex.pk3, and yet the name of the actual .bsp is q3x.bsp. It is mentioned briefly in the readme file though.
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myleg123 Rep. 90
#16   27 Jun 2016
This map is a good map. Some things I like are the design and how large it is. Though it has a lot of good things, it also has some flaws. I think that it's a bit over saturated with special items. (Quad damage, Speed, etc.) Bots also don't play that well. Overall, I don't really think its a keeper.
Edited 51 seconds after the original posting.
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BoricuaRetroGamer Rep. 84
#15   14 Dec 2014
Great map!!! Love it! 5 out of 5!
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SW12 unregistered
#14   09 May 2010
The Bathroom is like-inevitable to run into(unless you attempt to avoid it) But this map is very fun. Why there is Church Music IDK. I had Cityrush before this map which has an office building and the kind of setting that this screenshot has. Anyway, I liked the CAMPER,camper! PSST! CAMPER! Also how do you write Italics in commenting?!
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bIZJEGh unregistered
#13   08 Dec 2005
Very nice for running around in... bots like the bathrooms better then my brother; he was never able to find them!
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Bob van der Sluis unregistered
#12   14 Aug 2003
Takes some getting used to, but it's getting faster and more furious all the time.
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johan sneek unregistered
#11   05 Aug 2003
good effort!
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Petor unregistered
#10   24 Jul 2003
Good show! I especially like the area with the (hidden) BFG w/grenade xplosions, by just timing everything right, i got it 8)

Do they really sell Hagg coffee? hehehe

Greetz Peejter

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Nitebeat unregistered
#9   14 May 2003
I was wrong btw. This map plays well. Well enough to stay in my q3... (been there since dec 01).
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Nitebeat unregistered
#8   28 Dec 2001
Hm.. I'll have to be honest here.

Graphics/looks: Very nice level, I can almost imagine the amount of hours you've worked on making this level look so realistic and good. I like the poster of the "fake" ;) girl.. you know what I mean.

The street outside shows a big car though :)

I feel like a kid running around those offices, cause my shoulders hardly reach the required desktop height...

Gameplay: I don't know.. I don't feel like playing this level. I've been there before.It's not like it'll play like crap or anything like that. But I don't think there'll be any real flow.

Same thing with some city/real life levels I've played in quake3. They looked great, but had poor gameplay.

I don't think figthing in cramped spaces and rooms with obstacles in the way will increase your skill though :)

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dbone unregistered
#7   29 Nov 2001
just like any normal level

you would start in q3


pick q3x and go

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Alan unregistered
#6   08 Sep 2001
Sorry but details how to start level are zero.
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d-bone unregistered
#5   12 Aug 2001
this level was created to make a "realistic" enviroment and has gone through several development stages.

made some hidden goodies to make it last long.

because of the narrow corridors this has requieres a totally different playstyle than most other maps, good to improve your skills & tactics, have fun y'all!

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Running_Man unregistered
#4   11 Aug 2001
Played the Q2 version and its sweet! can't wait to try the q3 one out. :)
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qAPLAh unregistered
#3   10 Aug 2001
My guess is that you're talking about the Quake2 version of this map, dear Duckman :)

In the Q3 version it was nearly impossible to let "local" sounds fall off correctly...

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Duckman unregistered
#2   09 Aug 2001
Dig this map! Incredible realism, nice gimmicks and generally a lot of fun. Also especially recommended for graphic artists since it contains excellent artwork. I interpret the sounds quite differently than the reviewer above - it gives each area a distinct charachter - and adds to the realism of an office where everyone plays their favorite stuff on their stereos. I wanna see more of this artist!
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qAPLAh unregistered
#1   08 Aug 2001
I feel I have to point out that this map is based on a blueprint of a real life building, so tight areas just exist, adapt, avoid or be fragged! We play Q3 at work at certain times everyday at the office and believe me, it's a weird feeling, playing this map from inside it! As we know our way around the building extremely well, and played the map thousands of times, we are quite satisfied with the item layout since it is adapted to our wishes.
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