Base X
title : Base X
filename : q3x.bsp
author : D-Bone_[HAGG]
email address : **email removed**
description : very detailed office map (very exact blueprint)
size : full package - 19 meg pk3

additional credits to : id software for the engine -
qAPLAh_[HAGG] who made the the sounds, did playtesting & gave comments.
ruud hermans for making the textures shots
* play info *

playstyles : dm and teamplay: 4+ players (there are some secrets and secret area's)
: this is a realistic copy, so it is narrow in a lot of area's
: good to improve your skills!
botplay : included
custom textures : all
custom sounds : all

* construction *

base : my office
editor(s) used : Qoole99, qeradiant (mapping), colortone & psp (textures), soundforge (sounds)
problems : its highly detailed - check out those r-speeds!! ;) - sturdy machine needed to run.
build time : started in june - ended in march next year
compile machine : p2 dual 800 with 1024 megabytes of ram

* copyright / permissions *

map authors may use this map for whatever they please.

just let me know and mention me/us

this level may be freely distributed on-line. it may not be distributed in
any commercial manner. (downloadable at

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