Robot Calm
Map Name: Robot Calm
File Name: Storm3dm1
Author: StormShadow[NT] (Justin Ingels)
Authors Homepage:
Contact Author: Email: **email removed** **email removed** IRC: #ntclan on
Release date: 4/26/01
Info/Description: FFA/tourney map. No more than 6 total players. RA,YA,MH,SG,RL,GL,RG,PG,LG. Futuristic level consisting of
Several multi-level rooms connected by hallways and teleporters.
Size: 3.5 mb compressed
Custom Texutres: MrCleantex_1 and Mrcleantex_3 ( Lots of base textures
Bugs: NONE! That i know of anyway. If you see one, pls email me here: **email removed**
Bots: Bots dont seem to go out of their way for the rail or mega, and stick to the center hallway a bit too much, but
overall, they play pretty well, particularly in tourney mode.

Construction: Q3Radiant 2.02
Compile: q3build 1.4
Tex/levelshot editing: Adobe Photoshop 6.0
Other: Quake 3 Arena Master 1.2 (for easy .arena files)

COnstruction Time: On and off for about 4 weeks
Compile time: approximately 30 mins
Comiling machine: pIII 600/256 RAM

Installation: Unzip storm3dm1 into your quakeIIIarena/baseq3 folder. Open q3, the map will show up in your
map list. Or open console (`) and type /map storm3dm1 and hit enter.

Thx to: MrClean for the nice texture sets, Thunder[NT], I3FG20K, Painter, Weasel and some guys on for beta testing (Thunder also for hosting my maps

Copywrite info: This is MY map, damnit! You can distribute it ONLY if you include this text (storm3dm1.txt). This map may NOT be mass distributed without my permission, which you can get here: **email removed**.

Other info: My 1st map! So pls dont judge me too harshly. Plays ok as ffa, but bots stick to middle hallway a bit too much.
However, it plays best as tournament map. Try playing Xaero or Anarki on nightmare, its challenging as hell.
Hope you have fun playing it!