Burial Grounds
Burial Grounds by Jax_Gator
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Alice Rep. 605
#35   28 Apr 2017
One of the most atmospheric maps ever made! A gem even after all these years.
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FragTastic Rep. 2307
#34   07 Jan 2012
I love graveyard maps :).
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Hooyaah Rep. 599
#33   05 Mar 2010
This is a real beauty, one that should be downloaded and enjoyed regularly. Not only is the environment immersing, the game play is above average and bots do very well. Download this one, you don't want to miss out on the experience.
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Brentmeister General unregistered
#32   06 Mar 2004
Screen shot looks a full cream beast, 360 degree style.
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#31   04 Mar 2002
Hmmmm, your name is also a link to somewhere, maybe I'll type it in properly next time :p. Agreeing with "not entered" and Meatboy, some distinction should be made between 4 walls and rocket launcher and a well textured and (from my brief look around, bad fps notwithstanding) well thought out map. My primeval system can't really cope with it tho', but it does look kinda cool.
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#30   04 Mar 2002
Thx for the mirror Ch@os, I hate fileplanet and downloading at 5K. :)
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not entered unregistered
#29   28 Dec 2001
"Yep it is a box map, but it does not play like a box map. Perhaps the box map whiners need to get out of there own box. So there, Nyaaaaa."

Well said Meatboy :-D couldn't agree more, In the two years i've been reading reviews here, there are always a gang of idiots posting lame comments .. ah well.. :) who cares what they say?

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Nitebeat unregistered
#28   28 Dec 2001
Amazing, this is one hell of a beautiful map :) I'm so glad I've stumbled upon this one. After playing q3 for 2 years, most of the time playing gothic/base/space yawn yawn yawn maps, with the occasional "breather" we had, like coriolis storm and runtfest and charon3dm4 etc..

This is a piece of art. THe skybox looks fantastic. ALthought the tree is a bit too big ;)

Good use of sounds through the level, weapon placement is ok, flaming swords= great idea.

What can I say? Very nice work Jax_gator; Keep it up :)

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Lanoitpo unregistered
#27   03 Sep 2001
Gameplay? Where? Did I get a wrong map? '0' from me.
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nanoSpawn unregistered
#26   15 Jul 2001
woa, just a sucking box map that plays like a box map and features an average brushwork with a cool skybox... are you on crack or it's just that you all are friends of the mapper? Tons of other maps are by far best than this...
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The Loader unregistered
#25   15 Jul 2001
great style and outstanding theme, I always wanted to fragg on holy ground. Let´s wake the undead !!
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greendeth unregistered
#24   18 Jun 2001
10, 'nough said love to see more from jax!
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Meatboy Dogfood unregistered
#23   17 Jun 2001
Yep it is a box map, but it does not play like a box map. Perhaps the box map whiners need to get out of there own box. So there, Nyaaaaa.

This is one beautiful level. Best of all all the parts blend together into a seamless whole. Not something you see that often, and one of the reasons Tig reveiwed the ma the way he did. And ohhhh such pretty eye candy. It's rare that I get fragged while looking at the sights, but it happened several times on this map. Hats off to Jax-Gator

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Lima Bravo unregistered
#22   11 Jun 2001
awesome map, novel and play well, like to see it onlione

...keep up the good work!

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camelToE unregistered
#21   10 Jun 2001

I don't think this map is all that great. It's a boxed map and layout is very simple.

The architecture isn't that great too.

Butz the map gets some + for the nice textures, especially the background.

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gimme a break unregistered
#20   10 Jun 2001
Are you guys on dope or what? It's a gimmicky box map for fooks sake.
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MogWaEE unregistered
#19   09 Jun 2001
Beautiful map which really show off the author's incredible talent and grasp of the editing tools! Although it started out a little as a gimmicky map (a tribute to the wonderful community over @ Butial Grounds), it turned out to be full of atmosphere and great gameplay. It's fresh, and the horizontal action is lots of fun!

Thanks Jax!!!

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bgc|WiccanHP unregistered
#18   09 Jun 2001
An excellent map, really gives you the feeling of being in a graveyard! The gameplay is really fun with good flow, and the weapon / armor / health placement is well balanced.

I give this map 10 out of 10 Pineapples! >:^)

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Diabolus unregistered
#17   08 Jun 2001
Great looking and playing map...and looking at the skybox texture gives me a laugh...those trees are HUUUGE compared to the map..
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Lima Bravo unregistered
#16   07 Jun 2001
can't wait to get home from work and d'load this masterpiece !!!

First look and read here looks like a 9+ !!

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psssst unregistered
#15   07 Jun 2001
wow what a map. i've got 300 or so of them and this one just shines.
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bgclthe phr3ak unregistered
#14   07 Jun 2001
This is a phenomenal map. It's fun as hell to play even when the r_speeds sometimes bog your system down. (I should know I've been playing it on a celeron 400 8)

The open battels outside are awesome and you always have to watch your back. The MH hidden in the RL room sure is fun to go for in large battles especially with half the people running in looking for a rocket launcher to play with. ;)

Kudos to Jax, a guy who is really coming into his own as a mapper.

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sYnna unregistered
#13   06 Jun 2001
This is a terrific map. I like it alot.

My only problem is sometimes having trouble seeing the enemy amongst the shrubs and things, but I guess that is just me.

I don't have any slowdown, and I wouldn't consider my setup as anything amazing.

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Taz_FL unregistered
#12   06 Jun 2001
Congatulations Jax, Once again you have built an awesome map...keep up the good work!
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Rroff unregistered
#11   06 Jun 2001
Once I got a new faster CPU this map went up loads in my opinion... and I thought it was good to start with.

ck - "Uhm man those are the best rod iron gate textures I've ever seen" - uh me too - but I've never seen any other rod iron gate textures either... ;)

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Jack*Officer unregistered
#10   06 Jun 2001
This map really grows on you. The more you play, the more you discover.
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QUAD_BAIT unregistered
#9   06 Jun 2001
Very well done Jax. I'm very proud to have been a part of it.


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bgc|OLDWARRIOR unregistered
#8   06 Jun 2001
Very nice review :) It's an honor to have our Names on a Map,+ a map Dedicated to Burialgrounds,other's are finding out waht BG already knew,Jax is a Damn good Mapper,checked for Typo's HE ! HE !
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20 20 unregistered
#7   06 Jun 2001
The review it 'right on'. VERY fun map, lots of little tricks to learn about it. Can be a little tough on the fps, but even on my old system it's still much fun!
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Commander Keen unregistered
#6   06 Jun 2001
Uhm man those are the best rod iron gate textures I've ever seen ;o)

This map is very fun to play and I'm not just saying that cause my tomb is next to Lloyd's either :o)

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Mr Gentle unregistered
#5   06 Jun 2001
very cool looking and playing map, although its a bit too easy to camp.
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The Stranger unregistered
#4   06 Jun 2001
One of my Favorites.

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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#3   06 Jun 2001
oh, and if you want a mirror of this map that is NOT on fileplanet, check this link out...
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Mikey unregistered
#2   06 Jun 2001
The most detailed map I have ever played and it plays great too

Nice work Jax_Gator

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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#1   06 Jun 2001
woah...nice review of this awsome level Tig! This is a very fun map, and everyone should grab it! :)

You can play it on Burial Grounds, as usual! :)


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