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Burial Grounds
================================================================ Title: Burial Grounds BSP name: jaxdm4_v21.bsp Author: David "Jax_Gator" Cherry Release date: March 23, 2001 Email address: **email removed** Home page: jax.qmass.net Game: Quake 3 Arena DM File size: 5,160 KB Description: A medium sized map (4-6 players). Set in a graveyard with crypts and a mausoleum all containing the names of my Quake brethren at the Burial Grounds server: www.burial-grounds.com Unfortunately this map is very taxing on video cards and will require Above minimum requirements for smooth gameplay. Recommended requirements: PII 400 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 16 MB video card All grass is cushioned (tip from Lloyd M) Quad damage is hidden (jump down in the lava pit and over to the QD room) Mega-health is hidden (shoot 20 20's tomb) Secret teleporter (go behind my tomb and step on button) Fountains of youth (stand in fountains to gain health) Thanks to: My Quake brutha Taz_FL. Without his creative abilities this map would not be what you see here. Thanks Bud! Lloyd M for textures and extensive help on the use of hint brushes. Commander Keen for the gate texture. Zeramid, Nazgul and Whatever for the Burial Grounds logo textures. Bal for the rock/dirt texture Mighty Pete for the cool ass skybox. wripp for the fountain water sound. CaPN JacKal for the "Fountain of Youth" idea Ophelia, Rungy, AlphaWolf, Evil Lair and Todd Grantzler for new models. Robert Duffy for Q3radiant. id for the quake series. BETA/PLAY TESTING: Commander Keen Old WARRIOR {BGC} TMC | TAZ_FL 20 20 1ntr1ns1c WiccanHP {BGC} Fuze QUAD_BAIT Rroff Rackat Back_Lash ^^Ch@os^^ The Stranger -Bio- The Phr3ak {BGC} Whatever Peacekeeper Lloyd M Anwulf ResidentSCUM Previous work : Un-released jaxdm1 (re-make of Q1 House of Chnton) jaxdm2 - Re-Gib Colesium jaxdm3 - House of Shannara ================================================================ * MAP Information * New textures: All epitaph textures were created by me. Brick & all marble textures - Lloyd M Gate texture - Commander Keen Burial Grounds logo - Zeramid Burial Grounds white skull logo - Nazgul Burial Grounds blue skull logo - Whatever Rock/dirt texture - Bal Nottingham skybox - Mighty Pete New sounds: Fountain water - wripp Owls - unknown, found it on the NET Crickets - unknown, found it on the NET Bell - unknown, found it on the NET New models: Angels - Ophelia Q3 painted glass windows- Ophelia Fountains - Rungy Sword/flame statue - AlphaWolf Plantpack - Todd Gantzler ================================================================ * Construction * Base: From scratch Const. time: 3 months Compile machine: P3 500mhz, 192mb RAM Compile time: BSP - 23 seconds VIS - 1 hour 53 minutes 10 seconds LIGHT - 1 hour 35 minutes 5 seconds (fullvis -light -extra -patchshadows) Editor used: q3radiant v2.02 Other programs: Q3 Map Explorer v1.3 Known Bugs: None known. Email me if you find any. ================================================================ * Distribution / Copyright / Permissions * Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. Any commercial use without permission is prohibited. You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels without explicit permission of the author!
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