The Last Stand by Christopher (killer) Miller
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cookie monster unregistered
#4   11 Jun 2001
majesty may look like a chocolate chip cookie but last stand is just as sweet.

a 8.2 !!

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#3   06 Jun 2001
The author has 3 level in total with a similar style. Check out the others at;

or on the authors website.

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Monaco unregistered
#2   06 Jun 2001
Whoa, that DOES look like Majesty. Ok by me tho, Majesty is one of my favorites so this is just more Q3 goodness to me. I just hope it is not an intentional copy. I'd still play it if it was however. A 7!!
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not entered unregistered
#1   06 Jun 2001
This map looks an awful lot like Majesty.

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