H2SO4 by Krash
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raspatan Rep. 4508
#46   27 Sep 2020
It plays amazingly well for being such an horizontal map. It looks cool too. Fog version is superior imo.
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Anonymous unregistered
#45   10 Mar 2012
@TIg that's what i have now, IOQuake3 but some maps are showed like binary (you now the 0 1) in the folder and they dont work, i'll check the page anyway, thanks.
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Tig Rep. 1652
#44   07 Mar 2012
@poputrash: Have you tried IOQuake3 - ioquake3.org/
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poputrash Rep. 1
#43   07 Mar 2012
i have a version of q3 for linux, and i cant play this map. the same happen with other maps, im shure it is some compatibility problem (as always), can anyone help me? (if my english sucks, im from chile)
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FragTastic Rep. 2333
#42   23 Feb 2012
@CZGhost: That's a good map name actually. :)
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CZghost Rep. 1681
#41   23 Feb 2012
I like the atmosphere of the map, the map name should be name of chemical substance (The Sulphuric Acid in this case)
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FragTastic Rep. 2333
#40   23 Feb 2012
The dark, foggy atmosphere makes the map so special :). 10/10
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PaN61 Rep. 385
#39   24 Nov 2009
I just love the fog effect, it does seem like your in a residue of an industrial accident. Textures are used nicely. One of my favourites.

You done a great job Krash, 9.5/10.
Keep making excellent maps.

Edited: 05 Jan 2010 AEST

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Hooyaah Rep. 599
#38   13 Apr 2009
This map has everything that a truly great map should have: The special effects (including realistic fog) and ambient sounds are remarkable. Great game-play and bot support (even somewhere that bots will camp, don't you love that?) make the map a work of art. If the goal of a great mapper is to create an environ that causes one to feel as if they are in another place (not sitting and staring at a screen) then I applaud Krash for accomplishing that objective. This map gets a 10 from me and I wish I could give it more.
Thank you for all of the hard work that you put into the creation of this spectacular map Krash!

Johnny was a chemist,
Johnny is no more.
What Johnny thought was H2O
was HSO4.
Edited: 07 Jun 2009 AEST

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g0r the only unregistered
#37   13 Sep 2004
Fileplanet can suck my left one, but i had no trouble with the downloads, overall themap was fun

i found some problems with server game play but its still fun with bots.

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Nitebeat unregistered
#36   27 Dec 2001
This map is still in my baseQ3. Saw the announcement on pq, dled it back in march, and it plays well, bots do their "job" fine :) and it looks amazing. A keeper if you ask me.
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hannibal unregistered
#35   30 Oct 2001
You really should just package these together....only another meg...two downloads is just plain icky..specially when we gotta deal with Filefaygot. :)
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ImoR@l_By7E unregistered
#34   24 Jul 2001
oooooh... Pretty fog and all of that cool stuff that makes a map great!
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enyak unregistered
#33   01 May 2001
This is oneAZING map. Congratulations on outdoing the id guys in every aspect. I hope you'll keep building new levels, Krash. :)
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Krash unregistered
#32   09 Apr 2001
Who has been voting this map down? stupid...

  • Krash
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clod unregistered
#31   07 Apr 2001
christ, I forgot to say that the steam, the sparks work. at first they seem gee-whiz gimmicky, but it's only because other maps don't have them, and they should.


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clod unregistered
#30   07 Apr 2001
I ought to vote 4 times, since our lan crapped itself over this great map. Like someone gave us a present, gee, thanks, Krash. ditto on the fog, pulls you in very well.


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Giomancer unregistered
#29   03 Apr 2001
Aside from some missing textures (which I think is my fault) I rank this map a major 10.0 on my scale. The bots even play quite well.
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wviperw unregistered
#28   24 Mar 2001
awesome map, although the fog does create a framerate hit, it is worth it.
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FooL unregistered
#27   24 Mar 2001
Usually, I bitch about the maps in here. Something's not right about this. I didn't like the way that was. Not enough ammo. Too much armour....all that crap.

But I was sitting here thinking about how I was going to trash this level.....and nothing came to mind. (Except MAYBE being able to hide behind the H2SO4 sign, but then I like that anyway...)

Nope I can't bitch. This map rules. It kicks ass. It's the standard by which all other maps should be measured. This map kicks my ass!

Well, I don't know about all that....but it's still pretty f*#@!ng good.

Personally I like it playing Doom mano a mano whilst he was set on NightMare! Map gives a whole new perspective while in FOV 30 looking for someone to plug with the RailGun.

10 outta 10 and I'll stop p1mping this map now.

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Krash unregistered
#26   23 Mar 2001

This map has now been voted to the number 1 map in the >20 votes category. I'm flattered.

Thanks everybody. Now I just need some more votes, to get in the >45 category. <grin>

  • Krash
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Mr Flatulent unregistered
#25   23 Mar 2001
Love the map m8
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Yuri unregistered
#24   23 Mar 2001
wow, this maps rocks.

the fog, the details, it's all so cool. And I didn't think the test tubes were out of place at all. I give it a 10.

Get it now!!!

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Krash unregistered
#23   22 Mar 2001
An updated version which fixes the spectator bug is available: krash.idx.com.au/ktsdm3v2.zip and krash.idx.com.au/ktsdm3-nofogv2.zip

I have notified Tig, so it should be mirrored on fileplanet soon (my site is gonna get hammered though - be patient)

  • Krash
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[Kona] unregistered
#22   21 Mar 2001
i only tried the fog version, but i think it's great. this is what the fog should be like, not that absolute shit id did which stops in the middle of the air... er i don't think fog has edges, id!

anyway awesome work, i was gonna review it but lvl has given it some pimpage now so no need :)

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Twitchfactor unregistered
#21   21 Mar 2001
I don't give out compliments too often, but I definetly want to compliment Krash on his work in this level.

I looked at a lot of those Than_Industrial textures and didn't really like the look, but you've done an AMAZING job!

I like the fog (of course, I've got my new 950/GF2-DDR), it fits the atmosphere perfectly. I Didn't even notice the FPS drop below 90.

Keep up the good work, and if you're ever looking for a gig, contact me.

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[TD]Domipheus unregistered
#20   21 Mar 2001
I still cant get over this map...

hehe, H2SO4, krash is right.

It is hydrogen sulfate until dissolved in water which makes sulfhuric acid :)

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Ast unregistered
#19   21 Mar 2001
Nice map

I really like the teleporter...

ALOT. I spent about 2 minutes just watching the swirls and it fits in with the atmosphere perfectly.

H2SO4 is sulfuric acid

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moji unregistered
#18   21 Mar 2001
I like the test tubes. ;)

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nunuk unregistered
#17   21 Mar 2001
simply great!
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Krash unregistered
#16   20 Mar 2001
Actually, on second thought I did have it right.

HS is hydrogen sulfide

H2SO4 is (di)hydrogen sulfate

still need to fix the observer bug though.

  • Krash
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Krash unregistered
#15   20 Mar 2001
DeFrag - yep, you're right. My bad.

I've also been notified of a bug that slipped by me - when you spawn in as an observer, you get put in that little room and can't get out. I'll probably re-release in a couple days, fixing up that, as well as the error in the text file.

That should cover it, I think.

  • Krash
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Peak_Man (NWD) unregistered
#14   20 Mar 2001
I have a P4 1.4GHz and a GeForce 2.. the fog looks great (and it's not too thick, like in other maps) and the framerate doesn't take any hit (I love my beefy new system). Great work.
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DeFrag unregistered
#13   20 Mar 2001
Isn't H2SO4: hydrogen-sulfide?
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nitin unregistered
#12   20 Mar 2001

the no fog version is a lot better, that's what I'll be using, but it shows how atmospheric the fog really is in this level.

oh yeah, the fr3dm1 point was just an observation, I can see why you'd be inspired by such a level.

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[TD]Domipheus unregistered
#11   20 Mar 2001

How am I supposed to compete with that? ;)

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Johnny Law unregistered
#10   20 Mar 2001
Great attention to visual detail, nicely proprtioned architecture, and just generally fun 2-level deathmatch play. The bots tend to clump in one spot but other than that this is a wonderful piece of work.

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BulleT unregistered
#9   20 Mar 2001
Awesome work here, the beta phase payed out very well IMO.

Nice touch of Details, great Gameplay, good performance, what could we want more ? :)

Keep it up Krash !

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Bill Brooks unregistered
#8   20 Mar 2001
Its one fun map and the looks and gameplay are topnotch.
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Terrynator unregistered
#7   20 Mar 2001

To be fair you can't knock the map for the fog because there is a no fog version.

Maybe a good idea to stick em together Krash. It seems to confuse some people.

Personally I like the fog. To me it's worth the small 10fps hit I take.

I like the grenade launcher placement. Handy little opening right there beside it. Lots of fun dropping those pineapples down to the next level. Kinda reminds me of an old Q1 map that had a hole in the floor. Keeps people dancing.

Krash. Great effort. I give it a ten. Extra point because you did make a no fog version. I like choice. :)

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no_fog unregistered
#6   20 Mar 2001
Great map!!!

These maps (yours and tigger_on's) make me wish q3 had singleplayer.

I hope server admins use the nofog version if they add this map to rotations. The fog is really pretty, but fucks the fps. :(

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Jay unregistered
#5   20 Mar 2001
This is a beauty..catch it in the rotation at www.qmass.net's FFA server if you want a game!
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sir snag o unregistered
#4   20 Mar 2001
Played this map from the betas and it is amazing. If you have a decent rig go the fog version, its stunning. Weapon placement is great allways allowing you to reach something so your not spending the entire match with the machine gun. Bloody top work I say , get it now!!!!!
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Krash unregistered
#3   20 Mar 2001
damn, I forgot to mention - you should be able to grab the no-fog pk3 from fileplanet (just do a search for ktsdm3) It's only 1 Mb.

  • Krash
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Krash unregistered
#2   20 Mar 2001
Hehehe - I saw both of those comments coming.

There is an alternate version of the level that has no fog. I have emailed Tigger, asking him to put a link to it here somewhere. You need the full version as well (as it contains all the textures), but the no-fog version can give a significant increase in speed.

And, in defense of your second point, I quote my own text file (did you read it? The map actually has a story, you know):

"Friction and his map - "Iron Yard". Gave me the inspiration to map again"

and further down:

"New level from scratch - inspired by Friction's "Iron Yard"."

I knew what I was doing. ;)

  • Krash
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nitin unregistered
#1   20 Mar 2001
a bit slow due to the fog but otherwise nice. Very reminiscent of fr3dm1 though.
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