H2SO4 by Krash

This is one great map! Rich atmosphere, excellent use of models and shader effects, mostly great use of textures and very very nice game play. A thin green fog fills the level like the residue of an industrial accident, and there are broken pipes, exposed wires and electrical shorts. The whole place feels likes its building up to a major explosion. There are a few textures that don't contribute quite so much they just aren't as good and could have been left out all together. The cabinet one with test tubes and other science paraphernalia on it is a primary suspect. The sounds are also a little loud. Bots play fine, some will even camp the Rail gun.

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Update; The current download is version 2 which includes a few bug fixes. (23.Mar.01)

2nd version - There is a no-fog version available from the ..::LvL mirror. The no-fog version requires the full version however.

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (145 votes)

Download: H2SO4 by Krash