The Doom That Came To Dunwich
The Doom That Came To Dunwich by Fingers & Zdim
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quakesn1per Rep. 123
#72   23 May 2013
10+ years later and it is still an amazing map!
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Anonymous unregistered
#71   06 May 2012
why dunwich?
i have read a book about that lost town.
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FragTastic Rep. 2241
#70   04 Jan 2012
Amazing Textures..
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Bozo Rep. 46
#69   04 Jan 2012
Really nice FFA map! I was a bit disappointed by the low quality of the sky texture, anyway I really love the atmosphere of this map. Anyone knows where this sample (tnk02) that is played in the quad room is taken from? It's completely addictive! x)
Edited: 04 Jan 2012 AEST
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SW12 unregistered
#68   14 Feb 2011
Does this map take place in Germany, 1941?
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RedOne Rep. 67
#67   02 Nov 2010
very interesting map. It's really nice to see a map that isnt a gothic castle or a futuristic base. also i think that there arent any maps with this theme (townish). Very good textures, and the sewer section is genial. 10/10.
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Oveneise unregistered
#66   23 Oct 2010
Thank you for this fantastic map based off of the Cthulhu mythos. Could I suggest you guys make an Innsmouth level or Y'ha-nthlei level, or possibly a R'lyeh level? Thanks.
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v1l3 Rep. 905
#65   23 May 2010
I've always loved the music in the basement. This map is still better than alot of the maps even coming out these days.
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Hooyaah Rep. 559
#64   23 May 2010
It is a fitting tribute to this map that it be featured here at lvlworld, those who haven't played it are in for a treat.
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ShadoW Rep. 67
#63   22 May 2010
Real classic. Years ago it was one of most outstanding maps for q3, beatifully constructed, and great fun to play. And it's still is. 9/10
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Hooyaah Rep. 559
#62   15 Feb 2010
This map has stood the test of time, having found a permanent home in my baseq3. There is so much to like about this map that I hardly know where to start. If there is one thing that I admire most it would be, or course, the realistic environment. There is so much attention to detail and twists and turns with surprises to delight the Quake III child in me. The original ambient and otherworldly sounds seem to echo the lost inhabitants who have left mysteriously. Game play is above average and bots aren't only supported, but they do very well, traveling through, seemingly, all areas of the map and challenging ones skills. There is even one spot that you may find bots camping, waiting to ambush the unwary player. Alas, I find myself wishing that there were more doors that would open, expanding the map further, alas, there are yet the rooftops to be explored.
Edited: 15 Feb 2010 AEST
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db unregistered
#61   24 Nov 2008
Nice tight map with lots of twists and swerves. Lots of options and ways to go places and set up ambushes.
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wakey Rep. 103
#60   15 Apr 2007
One of most atmosspheric q3 maps out there imo ;)
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Saroin8 unregistered
#59   06 Mar 2006
This is just the best map in my menu. It is timeless and solid and endlessly entertaining. It's a very interactive map which I love, you can jump on everything and go everywhere. This map just seems REAL more than any of the maps I have played. And I loved the sound choices, too! I love this! :D You two should make more maps together. I can't wait to see what will be next... I am checking out Fingers other maps right now. Thank you for making this one, SO Much!!
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Jodi unregistered
#58   22 Jan 2004
The map is HUGE and really neat looking! Reminds me a lot of a map in Counter-Strike. My big complaint is that the bots huddle around Quad Damage! So I spent a lot of time wandering around looking for people & they were all in one room!
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GURT unregistered
#57   20 Oct 2002
i played this last night for the first time. Really fun.

Is that the Beatles i heard?

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BiTTeR_IvY unregistered
#56   03 Jun 2002
This is my FAV map and I'm currently begging the admin to put it on my fav server.. we are in need of some more of this type of map.. awesome!
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Proteus unregistered
#55   26 May 2002
This map seems like it was inspired by the map design of the medal of Ohner series, and I agree that more amps like this should be made.
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lock unregistered
#54   12 May 2002
This map is my favorite for DM. I wish Fingers would consider making another map just like it.
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xProteusx unregistered
#53   30 Mar 2002
This is a very fine map. I very much enjoy playing this level and I dont think I'll get tired of it any time soon. It is original and has some very fine textures.

Deffinitly worth downloading

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Professor Booty unregistered
#52   09 Feb 2002
Great map - especially the 'sanctum' where the quad is, but bots get stuck in the 'secret' area. damned spooky as well, thw whole metorite thing
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NICE MAP unregistered
#51   17 Oct 2001
A few tweaks and it would be a really nice q3ut2 map ...
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Medic unregistered
#50   09 Jul 2001
Great map. It's original and tons of fun. I always try to get my friends to play it. The more players, the more fun it is.

P.S. I LOVE the sunny sky.

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Cool Cuzzin unregistered
#49   13 Jun 2001
Not bad! I like this map...different textures...not the old gothic and real weird stuff like that. I like the crystal sound effects. kool!! Good for a change you see! If there are anymore maps like these, let me know. my e-mail is


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Lima_Bravo unregistered
#48   25 Apr 2001
A nice change. Good map and exciting gameplay. Love the textures.. Well worth the download..
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Lyta_79 unregistered
#47   24 Apr 2001
Good work Fingers. How 'bout

a similar map with an "Andromeda Strain" theme? (you know, deserted small town, some skeletons, etc)? Playing your map is like stepping on the set of a blockbuster movie.

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Nuded unregistered
#46   04 Apr 2001
Its a shame for all the peaple on da earth that a TOMBRAIDER-LOOKIN-MAP for QUAKE3 ARENA maded... Its a shame... A shame.......
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Frag-U-Rotten unregistered
#45   24 Mar 2001
Great Map. A group of us at work play this map "Enemy at the Gate" on one with the Corkscrew Mod. Talk about your sweaty palms.
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Nuked unregistered
#44   21 Mar 2001
this is a unusual map but it looks like fun
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Fingers unregistered
#43   19 Mar 2001
Heh.. Zdim is the one who made the ambients.. he's got all those weird records. (I do have some TRi mp3's though.. Everyone must have the individualist..)

FooL: The filename is the same... I know that's kind of a bad habit... But you can tell it's the new version by looking in the text file once you d/l it. (And I test downloaded it from fileplanet to make sure it was updated before I announced the new version..)

Spectra: Yes, we made up a lot of "background" stuff while working on the level... And got some references from the CoC RPG and stuff.. But it's not like we wrote a complete, consistent storyline with a plot. Just lots of implied fragments of one.

Basically, what I think happened in this district goes like this: A group of cultists with taste for the surreal learned about and excavated the ancient temple beneath the city, where they started secretly performing their rituals...

This combined with the mysterious "artifact" locked in the museum attic directly above the temple was enough to awaken one of the Great Old Ones (H the unspeakable? Yog-Sothoth? Azathoth?), bringing something out of space that wreaked enough havoc for the government to permanently seal off this part of the city.

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spectra unregistered
#42   18 Mar 2001
this map roks

ills how u a huge roket battle in there also. but anyway
fingers, can u run down the story for this map? it seems like it has more stroy line that any other map ive seen.

great f'in map man, u r truly a great mapper.

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FooL unregistered
#41   18 Mar 2001
Having troubles grabbing the update. I think the d/l link here is still pointing to old file. I followed Fingers link to his page....and FilePlanet says the file isn't found from there.

This sucks....'cause Fingers may not have thought so....but I liked this level.

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vincent unregistered
#40   18 Mar 2001
how can i make my map being on this sit ... ? please answer me at :
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Ping Floyd unregistered
#39   18 Mar 2001
Edit: Fingers is one BAD ASS map maker.


"You can play it,you can even play it with your favorite may be suprised,now if you have a pair of headphones ;) around you better get 'em out and get 'em cranked up,cause they're really gonna help ya on this one."........................................."Now all you have to do is find these sounds on the record and whoever finds the most wins of course but don't....

I still need a more detailed explaination of the battle suit whereabouts :p

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Ping Floyd unregistered
#38   18 Mar 2001
Yes,I have yet to hear it in the map because I leave the music off.

It is Todd Rungren. ;) A bit from his "Something/Anything" album. I cannot remember the track title :(,It may be called "Sounds of the Studio" but I doubt it,that was what Todd called it but not the track title,it may be untitled,you would have to DL the whole double album. It's him explaining various bad methods of studio taping,it's cool when you hear the whole thing,dunno if the whole clip is in the map though,I'll find out soon enough...

Fingers is one cool map maker. :D

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Zylar unregistered
#37   17 Mar 2001
Has anyone figured out just what is being said backwards in the ambient sound ?

So far we have

" you can play it .... , you can even play it with your favourite .... you may be suprised . ??? now if you have ??? frames ??? you better get them out and cranked up , cos they're really gunna help ya on this one ... now all you have to do is find these sounds on the re???

Any takers ...

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Fingers unregistered
#36   16 Mar 2001
Updated version of the map is out:

This adds the useful teamplay location entities and fixes the zebra..

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excessus unregistered
#35   16 Mar 2001
Hi! i'm new mapper. Who is grindspire??? :)
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GrindSpire unregistered
#34   15 Mar 2001
"are these newer mappers i dont recognize their names"


/me stops laughing for a second.

These are both very good, pro mappers (although I am told Fingers is coding now). The game that sticks in my mind at the moment is Thief II which they both worked on, since I am playing it atm.

Oh, I'm supposed to comment on the map... right. Yeah, it's good =)

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Fingers unregistered
#33   14 Mar 2001
Heh... I wonder who just put that zero ranking in... Silly. ;p
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Fingers unregistered
#32   13 Mar 2001
Well... You're one of the only two people who have complained about the ammo. There seems to be enough for most people, while still encouraging the player to use more than one weapon. My intuition would be to keep it the way it is, and not risk breaking the balance by adding more...

As for "hollowing out" buildings... They're pretty much as "hollow" as possible already; noclip around a bit and you'll see.. Granted, I could've made that building twice as wide to allow more air between the catwalk and the stairway, but it's about a year too late... And that would've made the street too long etc etc.

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FooL unregistered
#31   13 Mar 2001
Fingers. No, there's no ONE place that has an ammo problem. It's an overall issue. (in my opinion) It seems as though you've done an EXCELLENT job of making sure humans roam the map and not stick to one place. But with that, you've paid the price of playability. As I stated in my earlier post...the level played better with some select weapons put on infinite ammo. (not for the cheating....just to get rid of the machine gun and gauntlet games.)

Unless you are an expert marksman, you'll quickly run out of ammo for THE weapon you've run into post-spawn. As you've stated you need 8 people to make it an interesting match. When you have all 8 people roaming around...ammo gets scarce all over the map.

Not a big issue if you're like me and just tweak it.

I also understand what you're saying about the one big fight = bad. Maybe what I'm looking for is a big fight area like the street in a building. Perhaps the 3 story building in your screen shot up top....maybe if you hollowed that out like the tourney map Anarki is indeginous to.

Nice map....just a few tweaks would make it a lot better. Can't blame you really. Need to blame all the ones like me who complain about a finished map and never download anything from the beta section... (that gives me an idea;-)

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unitool unregistered
#30   12 Mar 2001
holy schmack! this is way cool.
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Geit unregistered
#29   12 Mar 2001
omg.. Although the gameplay isn't great (still fun though! :)) I must say the architecture, texturing and atmosphere are superb.. nice going :)=-

btw.. I can remember being impressed by ikspq5 ;)=-

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Fingers unregistered
#28   12 Mar 2001
Haha, "newer mappers" indeed. How fast people forget... =)

Tigger-oN: I fixed the zebra.. For some reason it wasn't zebraing on my GeForce DDR, but there were overlapping brushes there. (maybe updating this weekend)

Ripper: It's Todd Rundgren describing "a game he made up" :>

Re: "battleground", "big common fighting ground" etc. When you have ~8 players in the game, you never EVER want them all to conglomerate in one area because that'd result in an r_speed hell. I went to great pains to prevent this from happening, and it seems to work. Lots of small fights = good. One big fight = bad. Thank you.

Re: Ammo. Any areas in particular where you're low on ammo? I haven't had any ammo troubles myself, but it could be because I've mostly played it with bots only (up to 8 bots).

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<|3FG20K> unregistered
#27   11 Mar 2001
There's much to say about this level. First of all, it is insanely detailed and realistic, which is very hard to achieve in Q3A. However, this realism comes with a cost. This map is not great in my opinion, because 1) There's barely any ammo... 2) Alot of the areas seem remeniscient 3) There's no real battleground to have a rocket fight. All of these characteristics make me feel that this is not a very strong FFA map. If you do make an update to this level, make sure it suits a more realistic portion of Q3A, i.e. Urban Terror, or Navy Seals or whatever the CS port for Q3A is.
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MEet-CEes unregistered
#26   11 Mar 2001
wow qfraggel commented on this map!

of course this map kicks Arse.

bots ok.

are these newer mappers i dont recognize their names [no disrespect intended]. its like there getting ready for q3counterstrike.

great work. gonna be hard to follow up?

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Featured Ripper unregistered
#25   11 Mar 2001
Fun and roamy for TDM, but not slow.

Q: What are you playing in reverse for the amient sound? Are we being told to join the Navy (e.g.the Simpsons) subliminaly? God, I hope not.

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digitaru unregistered
#24   10 Mar 2001
Never played the map, but from that small pic it looks insanely awesome.
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FooL unregistered
#23   10 Mar 2001
Nice map. I gave it a 8 outta 10 for the following reasons.

Lack of a big common fighting ground on all levels.

The ratio for people required for the level to ammo to sustain those people in a more than machine gun fight was not good. Needed more than what was there for this amount of people.

To fix this, I found the map played best with the following change. Played with Colesuim 2.2 in Team DM with infinite Shotgun and Rail. Then the map rocked!

Again...nice atmosphere. And I liked the ladders.

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E1ghtball unregistered
#22   09 Mar 2001
This rules!.. It looked like gibler from the screenshot and it reminds me of it when I play it (the purple meteor reminds me of maniac mansion too :)). I love those ladders, much better than the old doom/classicquake way..
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E1ghtball unregistered
#21   09 Mar 2001
Looks like that map that was in the daikatana-test from the screenie,
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macho unregistered
#20   09 Mar 2001
Wow, perfect map. I like the ambient sounds much.
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Fingers unregistered
#19   09 Mar 2001
Thanks Tig, I'll take a look at it..

Xfoo: The underground sanctum is from an older era than the sewer.. When the sewer was built in 1890s, the new wall blocked the entrance.. (It was excavated later by the cultists.. etc etc)

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VampiricuS unregistered
#18   09 Mar 2001
Awesome map, although I think its best suited for Urban Terror.

Take out some of the camping spots to apply to UT and its next to perfect. Nice work man

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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#17   09 Mar 2001
Very good map! It's really special. In every aspect.

Not one of those standard FFA maps. A unique one.

@pink floyd: It's said to be in on of the museum halls, double rocketjump ;)

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#16   09 Mar 2001
Fingers: a screen shot of that zebraing

Let me know if you do an update :]

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Prophet unregistered
#15   09 Mar 2001
Well, Lovecraft coul not have written the thing better...

The gem look fantastic!!!

9 for me

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xfoo unregistered
#14   09 Mar 2001
Great map, any chance of a remake made for urbanterror? ( I doubt it would take much, remove the sounds/items and make the ladders actual ladders and it works.

Only one thing bugged me. In the quad room, on the opposite side of the quad is a door. But, if you goto the corresponding wall on the opposite side of the wall there is no blocked door matching!

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ALS unregistered
#13   08 Mar 2001
Well the map is a nice piece of art, but I wasn’t impressed with the gameplay!
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Ping Floyd unregistered
#12   08 Mar 2001
Forgot to mention that crazy diamond meteorite,another very nice touch,walk up to it and zoom,wonderful. This map 0wns j00!

Get this map now!!(part two)

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Ping Floyd unregistered
#11   08 Mar 2001
Excellent map,easily one of my top 5 favorites right now. You will be happy to add this one to your collection. Did anybody notice the sound clip of the Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows" in the quad room? Nice touch. As far as the bots,they crowd the secret door in and around the quad room and get stuck trying to go through it because you have to shoot it to open it. It was hilarious standing in there listening to the Beatles looking at Homer's ass crack as he was stuck trying to pass through the door. Get this map now!!

BTW,WHERE is the battle suit? I still can't find it!

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Fingers unregistered
#10   08 Mar 2001
Aww, thank you Scamp :)

Anyway, I forgot to ask.. Tigger, where does the zebraing occur? I might do an update on the level later, with teamplay location entities which I didn't remember to put in... And fix bugs too.

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Scampie unregistered
#9   08 Mar 2001
Oh, and... I think the 'jumppad ladders' are a far better way of doing things then the old, Q1 style quick ladders (which are total shite IMO)
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Scampie unregistered
#8   08 Mar 2001
I once said that Realistic maps don't belong in Quake... well... this map proves to me that you can do them without sacrificing things like interesting architecture, good build quality, nice texture use, and good layout and gameplay.

A great map by Fingers (like always from him).

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Dark Spot in the Corner unregistered
#7   08 Mar 2001
Oh, i really like the ladders, they are far the best i have seen for quake3 so far :-)

Overall the map i a real jewel i enjoyed to play many hour over LAN...

It has theme, it has gameflow and it's very unique...

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KILLROY unregistered
#6   08 Mar 2001
The ladders were mot that bad at all, and I think considering the layout and theme - a great choice. This map has atmosphere that is really exceptional and it ran suprisingly fast. One of the better maps I have played in a while. Great job......
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KILLROY unregistered
#5   08 Mar 2001
The ladders were mot that bad at all, and I think considering the layout and theme - a great choice. This map has atmosphere that is really exceptional and it ran suprisingly fast. One of the better maps I have played in a while. Great job......
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KILLROY unregistered
#4   08 Mar 2001
The ladders were mot that bad at all, and I think considering the layout and theme - a great choice. This map has atmosphere that is really exceptional and it ran suprisingly fast. One of the better maps I have played in a while. Great job......
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Fingers unregistered
#3   08 Mar 2001
I know... I wish there was a way to make good ladders in Q3. I needed to use vertical movement in the sewers because staircases would've been too long... Making standard-looking "jump pads" would've totally destroyed the little suspension of disbelief there can be in a game like this... So I ended up camoflaging them as ladders. Life's a compromise, folks :P

As for using "Doom ladders".. I didn't like them in '94, and I don't like them now. They simply break the physics of the game... At least there's a precedent for the kind of motion the "jump ladders" induce, with every other Q3A map being filled with jump pads.

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Tetzlaff unregistered
#2   08 Mar 2001
This map manages to feature a (fairly) realistic environment AND good fast gameplay at the same time!

Very spooky athmosphere in some of the rooms ;)

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Bomerlunder unregistered
#1   08 Mar 2001
Man, this map rocks!!! Thumbs up, only the ladders are really bad but the rest is sooo nice, great texturing and the idea with the meteroite is really cool :-)
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