The Doom That Came To Dunwich
The Doom That Came To Dunwich by Fingers & Zdim

An old city block is the location of this very cool release from Fingers and Zdim. The architecture and texturing are amazingly good, creating a very rich and believable atmosphere with great attention to detail. The meteorite, for example, is a great feature. Being able to climb out onto window ledges is another of many great touches. Game play is best with 6 or more players. Most games revolve around moving from rooms to room indoors or going down into the sewer section for some fast and tight rocket exchanges. The outdoors allow for more vertical action with people jumping around on ledges and roof tops. Two very small nit-picks; there is one wall with zebraing and the bounce pad action on the ladders seems wrong. A Quake 1 style ladder with a pile of small clip brushes may have been better option here. Bots play fine with no noticeable problems.

A great looking release that is well worth checking out, just make sure you have 6 or more players.

Update: - The zip file has been updated to v1.1 and includes a co-planer brush fix (zebraing) and location markers (17.Mar.2001)

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (186 votes)

Download: The Doom That Came To Dunwich by Fingers & Zdim