The Doom That Came To Dunwich


Title : The Doom That Came To Dunwich (Q3A)
Release date : 2/25/2001
File name : ikzdm1.pk3

Authors : Iikka "Fingers" Keranen
Rich "Zdim" Carlson
Email Address : **email removed**
**email removed**

Map description : 4-8 player FFA or Team DM recommended.

1898: Phosphorescent strands of Asbestos-like
substance fall on Montgomery, Alabama.
1907: Balls of light fall from the sky and
explode near Burlington, Vermont.
1917: Luminous object seen moving on the Moon.
1929: Mysterious purple lights seen in the sky
above Dunwich, Massachusetts.
1929: Due to plague outbreak, Dunwich, Massachusetts
art district placed under indefinite quarantine
by the US army.

Thanks to : Zdim for the Sanctum Of Dada and sounds
Various dead classical and surrealist artists
Kate Bush, Weather Report, Todd Rundgren and Beatles
The great and fair city of Boston
H.P. Lovecraft and August Derleth (and Chaosium)
Id Software

Misc notes : Texture set available for download at:

Fingers' notes : I started this map a long time ago, but never had
time to finish it until now... I just started playing
with it again a couple of weeks ago, collaborating
with my old friend Zdim, and it took on a life of
its own. Influenced by the chaotic and irregular
architecture of old Boston, it's quite different
from anything I've ever done before and may not
appeal to all the gamers out there... But it had
to be done, so here it is.

I promise my next level will be smaller :)

Zdim's notes : Hi. It's me. The Central Scrutinizer. I experienced
an outfreakage of extraordinary magnitude while
collaborating with Fingers on this level-that-should-
not-be. I've seen Them. They're here. Run away.
As fast as you can.

Special thanks to John, John, John, John and Jon.


***** Construction *****

Editor used : Q3Radiant
Known Bugs : Some bots like the sewer too much...
Number of Brushes : 4122
Build Time : A year?
Compile machine : p3/700 with 512M
Compile Time : About 3 hours


* How to use the .pk3 *

copy ikzdm1.pk3 to your baseq3 directory
run Q3A, and find ikzdm1 in the map selection screen (multiplayer or SP skirmish)

* Copyright / Permissions *

You're allowed to redistribute this level via electronic media such as Internet,
and free of charge. Any commercial use without a permission is prohibited.