Mostly Harmless
Mostly Harmless by Hal9000
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2553
#14   19 Aug 2011
A fine map for sure. id software quality with the good ol fashioned gothic set plus some enhancements. I also like how its nice and open compared to most other CTF maps which tend to be cramped. If it`s a Hal9000 map you can expect quality. Should be on QL.
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hannibal unregistered
#13   08 Sep 2001
Not in the specific, but in the general----> this map seems very inspired by Gef's Courts at War...this one's better, but some of the points of similarity is uncanny.
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Bah unregistered
#12   19 Jul 2001
This map is NOT good...all the spawns are in the makes it IMPOSSIBLE to get the flag through without killing everyone on the opposing team at least twice and maybe 3 times. It's terminally flawed in that respect. If the middle were expanded and some of the spawns moved from the base (which in and of itself is already hindering a flag carrier) out to the middle it would be more it stands now it's more of a big ctf1 with alot of ffa-style play and little actual CTF. Defense is a joke and offense is almost terminally impossible. The basic layout isn't's just that the spawns are hosed and the middle's not large enough. Close....but no cigar.
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MadWheels unregistered
#11   19 Mar 2001
All I can say is WOW great map!
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Powzer unregistered
#10   19 Mar 2001
Fine Job!
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levi unregistered
#9   19 Mar 2001
this game is A good and cool game!!!!!
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[CoFR]MostlyHarmless unregistered
#8   19 Mar 2001
HEY!!! That's ME!!! :) I hope it lives up to the name!
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MoJo unregistered
#7   19 Mar 2001
I like the way the bases are designed; makes it easy for just one person to guard in a 3 versus 3. Overall design was very nice except for weapon placement.
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R1pl3yS f3tUs unregistered
#6   19 Mar 2001
All your base are belong to us!
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Featured Ripper unregistered
#5   11 Mar 2001
Great game play. Curved Space, and now M.Harmless, that's two good CTF's in a little over a week!
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:) unregistered
#4   09 Mar 2001
maybe u meant: i know who you are Mr. poop
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mrp00pyhead unregistered
#3   08 Mar 2001
I know who are you.
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Hal9000 unregistered
#2   08 Mar 2001
too late, Romero already did
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raYGunn unregistered
#1   08 Mar 2001
Who is this mad genius known as Hal? Your maps rule, I want to make you my bitch!
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