Mostly Harmless (TA)
Mostly Harmless (TA) by Hal9000
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Lima_Bravo unregistered
#3   16 May 2001
Just visited the website for HAL9000 .. I have to correct my previous (and spot the dumb spell error). The server was/is "Doublewide Trailerpark" ..

Checkout his site :)

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Lima_Bravo unregistered
#2   16 May 2001
I do believe I "met" HAL9000 in a game on his own map on 16/5/1 though briefly. I think server name was 'doublespace trailerpark', sommething like that... I had to visit here, checkout the reader feedback, and of course say "hello", adding my vote....

Nice map ... go on download and have a look.. Nice job and well worth your time..

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mrp00pypants unregistered
#1   08 Mar 2001
I know who is this.
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