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Fade in Gothic
Fade in Gothic by Kit Carson
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Tetzlaff Rep. 183
#12   14 Oct 2013
Thank you very much for the link!
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Anonymous unregistered
#11   08 Oct 2013
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Tetzlaff Rep. 183
#10   07 Oct 2013
I remember that there was a Team Arena version of this map, with different texturing and weapons. Does anyone know where I can find that map?
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HDK! Rep. 424
#9   15 May 2012
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#8   19 Apr 2001
Kit Carson why you like to make cross ,the cross is bad.
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The Smeller unregistered
#7   11 Mar 2001
Polished looks, very average gameplay.
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Featured Ripper unregistered
#6   06 Mar 2001
Tile floor kill this map. Waaaay dark. Where's my maglite?
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Kit Carson unregistered
#5   02 Mar 2001
yeah dude, this map(it's only my opiion)have a nice gameplay and the architecture is like the new standard Team Arena maps,anyway,sometimes i found this map in some gamespy arcade server, and i'd lot of fun...:))
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Immortal unregistered
#4   28 Feb 2001
Great architecture , I didn't tested the gameplay but I don't understand why u only scored 6.25 , weird your map 's the best of the ngi arena i played and It worth a score of 9
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Interceptor unregistered
#3   28 Feb 2001
Definitely a minimum of four players should be in this map. The bottom section is a bit too flat. An average map with pretty good looks. I rate it a six.
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Abyss unregistered
#2   26 Feb 2001
Very nice, (both versions) Well done


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notchbak unregistered
#1   25 Feb 2001
definantly a bad ass map. loose the crucifix... everything has to be so satanic these days to be cool. wassup with that? frags and FPS shooters are cool.. but someone give us a break on the other crap
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