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Early Settlers
Early Settlers by [Kona]
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HDK! Rep. 424
#19   15 May 2012
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FragTastic Rep. 1400
#18   07 Jan 2012
I love this map. The textures look old like a village :).
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Anonymous unregistered
#17   10 May 2009
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Maimbot unregistered
#16   22 Sep 2008
NIce little freak show. Reduced the arena file to 3 bots in stead of 4.
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todor unregistered
#15   20 Apr 2001
i dig your maps. they rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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FuzzyBunny unregistered
#14   15 Mar 2001
Cool map, but there seems to be a bit too much backstabbing with 4 or more players.
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Featured Ripper unregistered
#13   06 Mar 2001
Good playing, but those f'n bricks gave me a headache like nobody's business. Ugh!

A wee bit tight, too

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Lionel_A unregistered
#12   02 Mar 2001
A refreshing map... I'm bored with gothic and space maps now...
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FooL unregistered
#11   28 Feb 2001
The level felt a little too cramped to me. Not to say that it wasn't large enough, because that wasn't the problem. I think the big downer for me was the lack of a big open duke-it-out with a rocket vs. rail fight. Maybe a courtyard or common ground for this villiage would have been a nice addition.

Also, the lack of a significant source of armout left a little to be desired. And while we're on this bandwagon, let me be the first to say the 100h was a little easy to get to. (this fact punctuated by this single object being the one significant source of health.)

I don't want to complain too much though, it's a nice level. There are just some issues that don't settle well with me. Others may love it. I gave it 6 outta 10.

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elvis unregistered
#10   28 Feb 2001
this is a very nice map.. i already had an idea like this.. a compact village for killing..

and was surprised nobody has made one .. till ive found this..i dld it a while ago havent played it till today and boom..

very fast awesome gameplay.. i just love the atmosphere and will keep the map , so i hope there will be some servers up using it.. i like were the rail gun is too.. and what i also love is rocket jumping here.. though i did noticed there is no ya or ra.. is this due to the mega.. no worry this will prob. be fixed on the servers or server lol..

great map even though you claim its a 6 months old.. what ever

ole is good!!

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[Kona] unregistered
#9   27 Feb 2001
thanx for the comments guys. btw, all these maps i'm releasing are at least half a year old. i haven't released anything i've done in the last 5 months for any game. i just did too much mapping last year and no releasing, so now i'm catching up with fortnightly releases. should be another 2 months max to go :P
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vivi_iviv unregistered
#8   27 Feb 2001
hmmm this map kinda bugs me...i read the reviw ...looked good in the pic...but after playing it ,it looks like some one winbsp'd an old solder of fortune map they had lying in the dark depths of there beta maps folder...the textures look good far away and in screens but look realy bad in game...

delited after 2 mins of play

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xfoo unregistered
#7   26 Feb 2001
I think if if kona didnt put out a new map every 2 weeks and instead concentrated on making maps that were larger than 2-3 rooms with a couple stories he could prove himself as a much better mapper.
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ApeCommander unregistered
#6   26 Feb 2001
Looks great, with very nice atmospere.
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DaZ unregistered
#5   25 Feb 2001
This is definately [Kona]'s best map to date bar none. Its a very refreshing change to all those gothic maps has a very exploratory feel. If you liked this map a lot then dont forget to go to the beta section and have a look at his latest beta... :) 9/10 for me
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hannibal unregistered
#4   25 Feb 2001
Another home run for Kona. Fast-moving, not too cramped, and a delightful environment to frag in. Keep up the great work man!
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Festis unregistered
#3   25 Feb 2001
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prophet unregistered
#2   25 Feb 2001
More of that textures! The map's realyy cool, with that catwalk surrounding the half map gameplay really gets fast. The only drawback is the railgun platform. The whole thing should really be reachable by stairs rather than ramps, as the ramp propels you over the edge easily...

Good map, however, this is an 8 for me.

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micamica1217 unregistered
#1   25 Feb 2001
well mappers,this is how it's done.

new nextures,great item placement,and fast game flow make for one really nice lvl.

3-5 players sounds about right,3 or more bots make one crazy match.

peeps with low end systems,start you downloads now.

there is no problems with r_speeds here.

sweet skybox.

good work kona.

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