Rhapsody In Blue
Rhapsody In Blue by Dubbilan
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FragTastic Rep. 2307
#9   12 Jan 2012
Wonderful Map!. It just makes me play calm during gameplay and i feel all relaxed :). 10/10.
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Quebus unregistered
#8   23 Oct 2002
This map is a staple on my server. It works nicely with duels and accomodates more. Excellant connectivity and promotes creative though. Need I say more?
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SLimY unregistered
#7   08 Jun 2001
Look,s supurb and play's fine this map is cool :)
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antimatter unregistered
#6   23 Jan 2001
Wow...this is an id quality map. The framerate is consistantly good, and the layout is superb. Only problem i see is the mega is so damn hard to get to. Try the quad where the mega is and swap out the haste
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Dubbilan unregistered
#5   20 Jan 2001
That's a pretty nice compliment there Dagwit....

Thanks alot for the support!!! :)

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Dagwit unregistered
#4   20 Jan 2001
This is the third Dubbilan map I've seen, and he's come a long way in three maps; if his mapping skills continue to improve at the present rate, it will be impossible to comment on his next map, as we shall all be struck dumb with awe.
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Fraggile unregistered
#3   18 Jan 2001
Nice looking map, but the framerate sometimes drop a bit too much. Nice is the triangular jump pad. I give it a 7.5
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RawShark unregistered
#2   15 Jan 2001
This map rocks!
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Kahooki unregistered
#1   14 Jan 2001
Absolutely fantastic work dub...!

I sure hell like the aesthetics and the gameplay couldn't be much better :)

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