Rhapsody In Blue
------------File Information------------------------------------------ 04/Dec/2000 ---------
Title : Rhapsody In Blue
Game : Quake 3 Arena
Filename : Dubrhap.pk3
Author : Lasse "Dubbilan" Kolding

Homepage : www.PlanetQuake.com/Dubbilan

Email Address : **email removed**

Description : Medium sized map with a kinda different bluish feel.
Don't know what to say here, uh! yeah and with 2 stories
sort of atrium like!



The map is pretty dark in places, and it is very different how dark it is on
different computers. I have done alot to make the map lighter with the same dark
atmosphere, but if you still have trouple I suggest setting up the brightness or
even better use vertex lighting. Vertex is off course not as pretty but it works
pretty okay ;)
The bots play okay, but doesn't use the topfloor as much as you might want them to.
Play against humans if you can!

------------Play Information ---------

Player Base : Free-For-All, Team, Tourney
Possible Number of Players : 2-8
Best number of Players : 3-6, 2v2, 1v1
Default Bots : Anarki, Doom, Xaero

PS. The bots play OK mostly, but as always I suggest human players
since the bots can't figure out to do all the tricks in the gameplay.


New Textures : Yes! All of it mostly.

Base : None
Build Time : Around 6 million Hours over 2 month!
Compile Time : App. 2 Hours on a PIII 450 - bsp-file (FullVis, -light -extra)
App. 20 minutes - aas-file
Editor used : Q3Radiant 202

Thanks to my
Beta testers : Lunaran, Bal, Elden Majors, Keyser, Pengo8, PwR900, MeanLean,
RawShark, Ged Byrne, Relix, JB and anyone I might have forgotten ;)

Known Bugs : Not much I hope :). Some sparks/glitters here and there on some
graphic cards.

------------Pak File Contents---------

: maps/dubrhap.bsp

: scripts/dubrhap.arena

: levelshots/dubrhap.jpg

: textures/dubtex/blah.jpg

: dubrhap.txt


04/Dec/2000 :: Rhapsody In Blue : This (Original) Release

26/Sep/2000 :: Reverberation : Low-Detail Version

13/Sep/2000 :: Reverberation : Original (Competition) Release

09/Sep/2000 :: Blood Portal : Second Realease


Copyright (c) 2000 Dubbilan, www.PlanetQuake.com/Dubbilan
All rights reserved

Feel free to distribute this file in any electronic form, as long as proper
credit is given and the contents remains unaltered, and this text file has
not been edited in any way.
You may not alter, edit or use the map as a base to build additional levels.
This file may not be commercially exploited in any way.

feedback or comments, email me at: **email removed**