Rhapsody In Blue
Rhapsody In Blue by Dubbilan

Lots of green and blue texturing gives this two floor level a distinct atmosphere and style that may be a little gaudy for some. Game play is at its best in a 4 player DM with smaller games playing a little slow. The three main rooms are where all the action takes place, mainly because they hold of all the more powerful items. The custom teleports are good to see but their location is problematic. It makes for a quick, easy run to get the Rocket Launcher, Rail gun, Light gun and Red Armour. Maybe if the Rail gun was swapped with the Shot Gun on the ledge above it this would be less of an issue. The three way jump pad is pretty cool. Bots play fine.

A good map for sure if the aesthetics are to your taste.

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (30 votes)

Download: Rhapsody In Blue by Dubbilan