A Forgotten Creed
A Forgotten Creed by Jherax

A gorgeous level in the Gothic style, all the details fit in beautifully. The layout is symmetrical. The architecture looks and feels super solid creating a very believable environment. The price for all the map's good looks is the frame rate. The frame rate is going to take a hit on most systems and will be noticeable with online games. Low end systems are going to have problems with some sections. Item placement is possibly the weakest point in the map. The Rocket Launcher is ideally located to encourage camping on its high platform. A swap between the Yellow Armour and Rocket Launch would have increased the 1on1 game play and discouraged camping. This is less of a problem in a 3 player FFA game. Bots play pretty well.

Well and truly worth the download if you have the hardware.

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (25 votes)

Download: A Forgotten Creed by Jherax