on an all game radio
on an all game radio by Scampie
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pakrat unregistered
#12   07 Feb 2002
Very fast gameplay, with enough obstacles (pools, light fixtures) to make it interesting but not frustrating. Love the verticality (but with obstructions!!). Sweet textures. Immersive (sometimes literally).
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Texx unregistered
#11   30 Jan 2001
Very beautiful... very boring :(
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nunuk unregistered
#10   20 Jan 2001
scamp, i did the same and went into agr yesterday night. i truly understood why alc has chosen to make a review out of this one. too bad i haven't played with humans yet, but it'll come. a damn fine work.....
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Kayin unregistered
#9   14 Jan 2001
very hot and heavy map scamp, good work man. even tho it's a bit too cramped for my tastes, i had quite a few good 3 ppl ffa at a lan this weekend.

i didn't have any r_speeds problems, and i have a frickin voodoo 3... i mean come on... =P

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Whoda unregistered
#8   12 Jan 2001
Blah, left out the addy on my last post, here it is www.planetquake.com/nunuk . Check this sucker out, it's by the same guy who Made KlHeights and KlCurves!!!!!
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Whoda unregistered
#7   12 Jan 2001
Screw the R-speeds this map is tight! On my 64meg Geforce 2 it's smooth as silk (well anything is smooth as silk ;P) Anyways keep up the good work scampie! BTW check out Flying Plutonians, that map is insane.
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izeColt unregistered
#6   12 Jan 2001
Fraggin' beautiful complex! I'll keep my thumbs up for this one.
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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#5   12 Jan 2001
Nice little map! I like it :)
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Someone unregistered
#4   11 Jan 2001
I have a confession...

/me has a Scampie-fetish

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Scampie unregistered
#3   11 Jan 2001
about the r_speeds and shiney shader issue, I'd like to point out the 50% of the world has a problem with it, while the other doesn't. It all comes down to the 3d card your using and the drivers you have for it. I never had problems, and I made it on a P2 266 with 128 megs of RAM and a Geforce. Not the greatest setup, but good enough. Didn't seem slow and none of my beta testers said anything... so humph =

thanks to all that comment and vote. you guys rock

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Shallow[BAP] unregistered
#2   11 Jan 2001
I like this map which is shiny indeed. I've played it a lot the last week or so. I hadn't noticed any sections with slowdowns but I can believe the r_speeds may be high due to the amount of shininess.

If you don't have it download the damn thing now.

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Interceptor unregistered
#1   11 Jan 2001
Perhaps a bit on the small side, I recommend no more than 3 ppl. I didn't like the fact that there isn't much space in any room, there are just small areas connected together. Didn't like the lights that one can jump on, and they look too thick.
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