on an all game radio
Title : on an all game radio
Pk3 : agr.pk3
Bsp : agr.bsp
Author : Sean Campbell
Quake alias: : Scampie
Email Address : **email removed**

Description : Small deathmatch map. Should work well for 1on1, and up to 5 on FFA
'Shiney as freaken hell base' theme

Thanks to : My homeboys at #terrafusion.
The HH3 guys
The rest of the Gamedesign.net staff
Q-Fraggel for being a pal
You for bothering to download this.

Additional Credits to : ID Software, for Quake.
My Beta crew:
Bal, Friction, Jherax, Alcatraz, Kayin, Monsto, killazontherun
LordImric, [Goose], Defrag
Evil`lair, I used one of his textures in creating agr_metal1 and 2
Rorshach I used of his textures he made for HH3 for the window trim


* Information *

Single Player : er... no
Cooperative : No, duh
Deathmatch 2-6 : Yes.
Deathmatch 7-1000 : If you can swing it.

New Sounds : No
New Graphics : Yes, about 5 or so id texture hacks and such
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None

* Construction *

Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant, editpad, curry, Photoshop 5
Known Bugs : none (why would I release with bugs!)
Build Time : A month
Brushes : 1747
Entities : 147


* blah blah *

This map was made for the allgameradio.com $1,000 contest. Go vist them and lisen to some
l33t music. (and wish me luck on winning =) It's cool, this map has taken me the least amount
of time to build of any of my maps, yet it contains more brushes and has been tested more.
And it's looks to be my best ever! =)


* Copyright / Permissions shit *

This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems and/or a network connection .
You are NOT authorized to put this pk3 or it's contents on a commercial CD without my permission.
In other words, don't sell my shit or I'll kick your ass.

Cheese is the inspiration for all great mappery

tarot.telefragged.com/scampie My site.
www.gamedesign.net Good mappery news there
www.qmap.org Also here (fun people too)
www.allgameradio.com PIMP! =)