on an all game radio
on an all game radio by Scampie

A pretty sweet tech themed level with lots of shiny steel surfaces. The level suits small FFA and Tourney games best with good game flow and action that covers most of the level. Double jumping off the small light features will really give you some speed getting around. Little augmentations like these are something that other mappers could be using more. For the list of nitpicks... The r_speeds are a little high in sections, (climbing up to around 10000 verts). The water near one of the teleports would have been better covered over with a grill. Its easy enough to get out of, just annoying. The 100h and Grenade section up top is seldom used. You can hit your head when using a few of the jump pads. The shader star sky texture would have been more effective as a skybox. These are definitely nitpicks and won't get in the way of some great games. Bots play fine.

Well worth the download!

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (41 votes)

Download: on an all game radio by Scampie