Reassimilation by Charon
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raspatan Rep. 4508
#29   08 Oct 2020
Small and simple. I love the fact that the weapon selection is quite limited (RL, RG and SG), and that the MH requires a rocketjump. It gives the map a great deal of strategy. It can lead to some defensive camping though.
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#28   04 Feb 2012
Wow! It looks beautiful
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#27   26 Jul 2008
I was wondering why this map was in my favourites but i never played it so i pulled it out again. It really is all about control of the top level and poor overall item placement. Firstly there is no armour on the bottom level for the down player. There is a MH but it will seldom get used. If your patrolling the top of the map its just not worth leaving your post for given you have ya, armour shards and green health ball close to hand. MH is only easily reachable by rocket jumping below it - and if your the down player with no armour this is a risky proposition. Sure it is possible to take the top player out but your faced with an uphill battle. Firstly the rail gun is not exposed and this area offers protection for the top player. There are opportunities to take the top player out along the exposed area of the gangway but lets face it if you go for the shotgun down below you're going to be railed at that point. You can try the RL but both the RL and its ammoclip on the other side are exposed to the railer. The railer can also drop down to grab either of these items for back up with easy access to the top again with a bouncepad. A shotgun is not going to win against a railer with ya and cover and neither is the RL when the railer can easily see and dodge your attacks and if the railer doesnt get you on the way to the bouncepads or SG/RL they'll take you out by the time you hit the top. At best you could lie in wait and hope the railer loses patience and comes down. Then you could ambush them or sneak back up to the rail gun but this feels just a little too tedious. You could force an error from a sustained and heavy attack but lets face it - the top player has total control over the map and you will be hard pressed to get the firepower to start this attack in the first place. Once someone has set up control up top its pretty much game over.

Edited: 26 Jul 2008 AEST

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Ceydn unregistered
#26   12 Oct 2002


I have played many custom maps, but none have even compared to the playability of this map.

This is the best tourney map you can find - even better than the id ones. I can't believe how fun this map is!

It even works extremely major bloody well for deathmatch!

if you don't have it, you shouldn't be playing Q3A.

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not entered unregistered
#25   20 Sep 2002
Great map
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[Kona] unregistered
#24   23 May 2002
ay? i think you replaced the original speedy...
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#23   04 Mar 2002
A little late but LOL fool! To clarify Way2Kool, if you ever check this board again, rail skills is being able to move and aim at the same time. I was actually quite unimpressed for the first time with one of Charon's maps as it is v. hard to get ppl down from the RG platform, esp with the YA and armour shards up there AND health to drop onto should you actually need it. 7 from me as far too dependent on getting the RG first. Better with more than 2 players tho' :).
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[UK]***JTR***[SG-F] unregistered
#22   05 Apr 2001
A very nice map, good atmosphere and design, i like it! It's a great work by Charon, so make more from this style, then we need so good mapers in the scene. Thx for your work, from Switzerland ;-)

Sorry for my bad english!



He endlich mal ne richtig gute Map die super Atmoshpäre rüber bringt. Ich liebe sie, ich hoffe Charon macht weiterhin so gute Maps, denn ich mag sein Stil. Weiter so Charon und danke für deine Map

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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#21   22 Jan 2001
Charon, you know how to use textures the right way :)

Just the rail thing ... ;)

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Charon unregistered
#20   14 Jan 2001
this is why you never rush a map and spend only 4 days on it with no more playtesting than an hour or so with a bot......I just wanted to get it out before the new year.....I'm very disappointed in the map myself.....I totally screwed the atmosphere because I was going for a 1vs1 and wanted it to be bright and easy to see your opponent...and then I left off a room to conserve mapping time...oh well....and so far its a love or hate thing for the map.....some peeps love it....others hate it.....though it seems there are enough who love it......thats good.....for the rest of you....don't lose faith......I've got some crafty well thought out and LOTS of time spent on maps coming soon....with no rushing and lots of playtesting with REAL people going to be going on......anyway......have fun
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Scampie unregistered
#19   14 Jan 2001

Charon's style hasn't really appealed to me, and I thought his last map was much better. too bad, I really enjoy seeing others use these textures.

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waY2Kool unregistered
#18   14 Jan 2001
fool. i've got rail skillz...and i get brought down from that section of the map i said - if you plan your attack you can get 'em down.
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#17   13 Jan 2001
The textures are over-saturated, but I'm happy to see someone doing something different.

I haven't had the opportunity to play with anything other than bots, so I can't comment on the layout, but the aesethics are good (once I turned the contrast down on my monitor).

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FooL unregistered
#16   13 Jan 2001
waY2Kool....I think they were referring to someone with rail skillz being able to own. Of course someone will get thier ass kicked if they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn while standing next to it with the rail....
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Al Gecko unregistered
#15   12 Jan 2001
10 for Charon. Zero for Cheetah.
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Al Gecko unregistered
#14   12 Jan 2001
OH! I see... Mr Hyde's translation. Inteeeeresting. Strange spelling So many ruined words in such unimpressive row. You're shure, he is a native speaker :)
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Al Gecko unregistered
#13   12 Jan 2001
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Arco unregistered
#12   12 Jan 2001
Damn fine map.... I love the textures and the gun balance seem ok... if a little off. Charon is quickly becoming my favourite mapper.
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WarMachine unregistered
#11   12 Jan 2001
nice :) love the layout textures look great game play is very good, with everything on high looks very nice, this map will be on my hard drive for a long long time well done charon .........:) War 8/10
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WaSp unregistered
#10   11 Jan 2001
love the textures

what a kick ass tourney LvL this is :-)

it all worx 4 me

well done charon


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nitin unregistered
#9   11 Jan 2001
nice map, bu the lighting doesnt suit the textures. Needed to have a more grittier feel for the textures to have full effect IMO instead of the bland bright lighting currently used.

And although the RG is an issue, 2 skilled players can still play pretty well on this map.

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nitin unregistered
#8   11 Jan 2001
nice map, bu the lighting doesnt suit the textures. Needed to have a more grittier feel for the textures to have full effect IMO instead of the bland bright lighting currently used.

And although the RG is an issue, 2 skilled players can still play pretty well on this map.

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Dagwit unregistered
#7   11 Jan 2001
I enjoyed this level - it got more than its fair share of play - and what's more it looks great, except . . . after a short while I began to get the sense that I was playing in a pop-up book. There's just too much too deep 3D trompe l'oeil in the textures, and you spend a lot of time looking at them side on, and the illusion just breaks down and the walls flatten out.

Anyone else noticed this effect?

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waY2Kool unregistered
#6   11 Jan 2001
the railgun owns the upper part of the map?! you dudes need to go practice. i play 1 on 1 with my bud on this map...when either guy gets the RG and sits up there the other guy...well, the other guy kicks his freakin ass. grab the rocket launcher and think - then attack. it's not hard...i know you can do it!

great 2 or 3 player map. charon can do no wrong.

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Interceptor unregistered
#5   11 Jan 2001
To Tigger-oN: Yes, I know about the url thnig, but I just wrote the name of the site, much like I would write PlanetQuake when referring to PQ. Thanks anyhow for the tip.

About the weapon placement: I've spoken to Charon about this and he pretty much agreed with the points I made regarding the railgun placement, so I don't think I'm way off target...

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elvis unregistered
#4   11 Jan 2001
this is a great little map.. i guess the item placement leads to using the rail a whole lot..

(i like it!!)

i found myself with the rail gun and no life pleanty of times..

and not going for the mega health alot.. thats great.. i also like how you made the fall from the mega.. to hurt you

unless you got some skill and can jump to the shotty plattform.

i also like the toughness of rocketjumping from the bottom floor to the to floor. i think the only way is to double jump then rocket jump on the secon d jump . . anyway..

PHAT map

one of my favs. already.. dont know why people are complainin bout the item placement .. though on a one v 1 rail owns.. still mad fun though.. bots wont rocket jump to the mega though.. is that a prob.. not really. but i there is some way to make them rocket jump.. anyway you prob. been tryin that..

this makes for great human battles . . one on one rail owns..ffa i dont know yet..

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J35us*PhrE3k unregistered
#3   11 Jan 2001
I love this map, I picked up when Charon released it and have been playing it ever since. I can see the point about the weapon balance but ....honestly it never takes away from the fun of the map.

The layout is great for small ffa keeping the action consistent.....and the custom textures.....:) what can I say! get the map it is a blast

Charon is a featured mapper at the D3adLands custom server, I'm running this map as well as charon3dm2 if your interested in playing this map D3adLands is at running OSP.99q. The website is listed here in the server section.

was that a shameless plug....I didnt mean it to be, lol

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#2   11 Jan 2001
I found the resticted weapons pretty interesting and yes the Railgun can own the upper part of the map (esp. with the distance from one side to another). In a 3 player DM this is less of an issue. Often the two players not dominating the upper floor will gang up on the Rail camper in their attempts to control the level.

Interceptor: try posting the full URL next time. A link will be made automaticly and people will be able to click on it.

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Interceptor unregistered
#1   11 Jan 2001
I already reviewed this on and the weapon balance is regretfully rather poor, the railgun carrier pretty much owns the map when staying on the upper ledge. Otherwise good looks. The skybox is cool!
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