Sinda Legend
Sinda Legend by [Kona]
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Monaco unregistered
#4   04 Feb 2001
I like this map. The textures lend an almost cheerful atmosphere to the carnage, especially all the yellow lights. I wish there were more maps like it; I've played in enough gloomy dungeons to last me for a while. This one stays in rotation for me.
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Al Gecko unregistered
#3   12 Jan 2001
Repair it. Too nice, to be thrown away.
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J3sus*PhrE3k unregistered
#2   11 Jan 2001
I dig the layout, but the map feels more like a beta to me. The map kind of feels like an alein /surrealist environment, it just seems unfinished to me. I agree about the lighting being too bright, it definatly stripes the map of any mood.

the game play is good though and is fun to play.I must say i like your other maps better I have both alkdm06, and alkdm08 currently running on my server. I think you released this one too soon

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WaSp unregistered
#1   11 Jan 2001
This map played really well for me.

But I was more impressed with the thought behind your choice of textures....your looking for something different [Kona] :-)

Your maps have a sense of adventure and risk in them that I find very refreshing ,we are yet to see your greatest work.

I know this as much as I know that this LvL has nothing to do with brush work :-)

keep em coming.

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