Q3NGiarena1 by Kit Carson
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6308
#6   09 Aug 2020
just worth noting, while lacking in location entities, the author has altered the layout for TDM: MH is swapped for Quad, and button and barricades to access RA room are removed.
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#5   05 Apr 2001
Good going Kit these was i really nice fantasy level.
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Heretic unregistered
#4   30 Dec 2000
Fantastic level!!!

Complimenti Kit

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Johnny Law unregistered
#3   14 Dec 2000
Just a warning: apparently (reported by BunkerBoy on the Q3W TA forum) this map will cause shader errors in other maps when used with the 1.27 point release.

The 1.27 version of Q3 is stricter about shader parsing, and the last shader in this pk3 is missing its final closing curly-bracket.

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Kit Carson unregistered
#2   14 Dec 2000
Thanx Wasp,

but i prefer ngiarena2:)

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WaSp unregistered
#1   13 Dec 2000
nice LVL kit.

I have to agree with tig on the connectivity thing ,it could be better ,but I really appreciated what you were trying to do with this lvl ,it is different and that can only be a good thing....I also liked the mega health idea....shit man...any further and you'd need a travel VISA :-)

8/10 for all the work you put in to this bad boy.

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