by Yogi
DEADline by Yogi
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#19   21 Aug 2020
Quite fun map with a great Q2 design. The suggested bot load is one too many for me (I prefer more strategy oriented game than carnage one), but they play the map well. A keeper!
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themuffinator Rep. 1046
#18   29 Sep 2011
Quite a solid map for small FFA's. The map's structure and item arrangement makes for some varied and interesting gameplay. The Q2 theme is brilliantly realised and the author seemed to nail down some very interesting geometry here, however a few small construction issues should have been fixed before releasing this.


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Nitebeat unregistered
#17   27 Dec 2001
For some odd reason this reminds me of a quake1 Nehahra map...

Anyway, this is a good level, weapon placement is ok, the flow is there, the bots work fine.

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Neon unregistered
#16   23 Dec 2000
always a good mapper, but this is definatly one of your better maps.

Still i cant put my finger on it seems... ahh.. probably just need to add more bots.

"Excentricity through simplicity"

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elvis unregistered
#15   17 Dec 2000
damn man

this maps addictive. great fps . great item placement(had me looking for that double big life near the rail) love that drop from the top to the rail .. great.. also pleanty of impresives and excellents.. damn pleanty.

im hooked

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Number 6 unregistered
#14   14 Dec 2000
Although I could do without the chute to the Quad, this is a very nicley laid out and decorated map. It's a blast with 4! Thanks for making another great map!
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biscuitman unregistered
#13   13 Dec 2000
Read the blurb halfway through DLoading the map.I didn't finish the DL....
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Niptlar unregistered
#12   11 Dec 2000
Oops, I posted my blurb against the wrong map. Grrr....
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GrindSpire unregistered
#11   11 Dec 2000
Ooooh, beta...

/me checks his email

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Yogi unregistered
#10   11 Dec 2000
One more thing, I did recommend that a 6 FFA should be a good enough player load to get the best out of this map. Gameplay is way more balenced than with a -4 FFA load. Thats all :)
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Yogi unregistered
#9   11 Dec 2000
Thanks for the feedback everyone, and sorry for the caulk problem, that one got by me for some reason. As for the missing texture(s).. well, I find thar very hard to believe, but I will keep an open mind, so would you please let me know which textures are not showing for you? that would be great.

WarMachine: yog3dm5 is out on beta now, so it should be ready real soon for releasing. Before christmas was my aim to release it, and before christmas it shall be :)

Thanks again for all the comments people.

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Yogi unregistered
#8   11 Dec 2000
LOL @ GrindSpire
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GrindSpire unregistered
#7   10 Dec 2000
Yog3DM5 ownz j00 all!!!!

And this is good too =)

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WarMachine unregistered
#6   10 Dec 2000
very nice work yogi i got this map about a week ago from your site, i love the look feal and game play is great 2 nit pics like neonite said the rail gun placement and the bots focus around the rail gun area alot,but hay no map is perpect keep up the good work yogi btw when is yogi 5 comeing out, chears :) War
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#5   10 Dec 2000
Greenthumb - I lefted that caulk problem out of the review by mistake (or lack of sleep), I remeber noticing it but somehow it didn't make it to the review - not sure what happened there. The sparkles I didn't notice, might be my new video card.

The professional finish is a little high for a map that has no caulk behind curves, I try and be my normal nit-picking self again :]

Niptlar, I didn't notice and missing textures when reviewing, do you know what the the file names are?

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mmmmmmmmm unregistered
#4   10 Dec 2000
Way to go Yogi. This map is great, it looks great, plays great and runs great thanks to the lesser used curved surfaces. keep up the good work...
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Niptlar unregistered
#3   10 Dec 2000
I'm actually missing some of textures (and yes, I do have tw0pak.pk3).

The level is really too big for tourney, and I feel that the Grenade Launcher is not all that useful given the relative openness of the level and the more powerful nature of the Plasma Gun. I don't really play much FFA anymore, so I won't be able to help much further.

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Neonite unregistered
#2   10 Dec 2000
Grabbed this one from your site yogi, played it a week back.

Not bad, but there are some killers in here that spoil the map, imo :)

Think the railgun is way out of place, you should have put 'm where the quad was located, and dump the quad. Replace the railgun with something else (no powerup) and that would have been much better.

Bots focus around the plasmagun?

Uhm.. no way. Around the quad and rail area. heh. :I

Otherwise, yes a good map. Like the ambient sounds and like the texturing.

btw 5/10 dr greenthumb.. :I no way!

7/10. BS

Shame about the railgun placement. Rocketlauncher on the other hand has a comfortable place in your map.

Ps why always including those shitty shotgun and grenade launcher??? these weapons are useless. (hail to the doom shotgun baby!) :)

Maybe railgun, plasmagun and rl only would've been better...

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Dr. Greenthumb unregistered
#1   10 Dec 2000
"...a very professional finish."

You're not going blind on us are you Tig or ManDog? This map has more than its fair share of fixable errors. Including lots of missing caulk behind curves, which is so amateurish it completely dispels any illusion of professionalism. This map even has the bragging rights of having sparklies(normally associated with crude curve construction)located in between two structural brushes!!! I don't know how the author pulled that off but its pretty remarkable. Since the map is actually pretty good I don't want to completely bash it or put people off from downloading it. I just found your assertion ridiculous.

5/10 Would of been higher had the author fixed the highly obvious errors.

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