Timeless Classic
Timeless Classic by Charon
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Mark unregistered
#28   01 Jul 2008
I haven't really seen anyone comment on the fact that charon includes architectural features for plasma jumps in a few of his levels - not that i am any good at them - but for those who are...
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*BestialWolf Rep. 0
#27   26 Feb 2006
10 out of 10 from me... the newby. =)

The theme and look of this map is amazing. All of the cogs turning is eye candy, even for me a fan of Unreal Tournament 2004. Very eerie. Very outstanding.
Bot play is very good as well, although they are a tad easy, but they are'nt a pushover either.
Even item placement seemed to hit the nail on the head. Nice idea with the haste by the way, haste works great in this map. The Rail is very easy to get, but the bots seem to guard it.

This is perhaps my favorite map from Charon, and I have them all. This one is in my top 3. Well done.

Edited: 26.Feb.2006 18:27 UTC

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CeptiC unregistered
#26   29 Dec 2001
I formatted my POS-PuTeR and spent about 1 hr. tryin to remember the name of this map if that says anything about this map... it rox! :-]
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hannibal unregistered
#25   03 Feb 2001
Overall, the map design is very well thought out. But maybe something's with my sound tweakin' cuz the ambient sounds I'm getting are absolute crap, enuff to make it impossible to enjoy the fighting. Am I missing something here?
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Neon unregistered
#24   23 Dec 2000
This is an amazing map, i played it with a 40 frag limit with 3 bots, eerie doesn't come close man.

The ambient sounds are truly spectacular.

"Well done! Give yourself a gold star"

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Kilderean unregistered
#23   17 Dec 2000
hmmm, can you say Alice? :P
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micamica1217 unregistered
#22   13 Dec 2000
well this really is a work of art.playable too.

item placement was nice and bots play ok.

I have a P3 600,GeForce DDR,128meg RAM.

sorry peeps,but the r_speeds didn't really effect me.

although in one spot it did dip a bit,there was never a problem.

yes,some people don't have the set up I do(not that I would call it a high end system)but to complain about r_speeds again and again...

you have been warned in the review.

anyway,I can't say enough about this lvl.

it was fun,well put together,and origial.

9 out of 10

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Dark Spot in the Corner unregistered
#21   12 Dec 2000
I like maps with a unique theme. And this one really makes up for some fresh Quake 3 experiences. Charon did very nicely in fact. I haven't seen anything like this lately.

Good work... :-)

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hedi organ unregistered
#20   12 Dec 2000
Re. r_speeds in this map.

Perhaps map authors should put their target machines in the read me. Although I do agree they are a bit high in many of the important fighting areas it is not that bad. Using r_drawentities 0 really shows how much the cogs slow things up. In conclusion though this map is just fine as it is - hacking it about to reduce r_speeds would have spoiled it. I, for one, am glad that Charon has released this map as it was meant to be. Good work!

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Al Gecko unregistered
#19   12 Dec 2000
Come on! Lets have a fight in the very own body of the mos villain enemy of all... time. Yes: its TIME itself! Time to frag or become fragged in on of the most impressive and tasteful composed Quake-maps of all... time! The bots don't go for the powerup? -Doesn't matter; just don't go for the 'Haste', too. Maybe... You never -NEVER! should go for the 'Haste'-powerup inside a giant clockwork... A better map than 'Padkitchen', where I ruined my bots by forcing them to do the dishes.

I love this map. I love the looks, I love the sound, I love the gameplay, wich makes a good one on one. I really do! And You... really should download this piece of art -before it is too late!

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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#18   12 Dec 2000
Nice one!

But once again, r_speeds ... :)

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not entered unregistered
#17   11 Dec 2000
Charon: re: how to lower r_speeds.

Next time release a beta on the quake3world.com level editing forum. Those guys are optimization mad men. :)

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nitin unregistered
#16   11 Dec 2000
already told ya charon, nice map. Didnt like the layout all that much but looks good and is still a lot of fun.
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Charon unregistered
#15   11 Dec 2000
thanks for all the comments peeps...=)....good..bad...anything..they always help....

yeah..the r_speeds were an issue on this one..I dropped them pretty low by taking out some gears and removing a lot of detail....yes...there was a lot more detail and a lot more gears than you see.....I came down to a point where I had modified the map so much in areas other problems were starting to arrise....like the maze of hallways that isn't used as much as the rest of the map....they are r_speed blockers..they weren't there originally...and then there is that funky setup between the two rooms...I tried to make that a little less obtrusive but still block some of the polygons...I could have added one more series of blocks..but that would badly hinder traffic flow down that much used corridor.......there was the idea of shredding some of the architecture...but I wanted a really rich atmosphere...so..it came down to this:

  1. destroy the level and its feel to lower r_speeds a tad so people with older cards or slower machines could play better
  1. delete it all together and start from scratch
  1. release it as is knowing that most people will be upgrading their systems to better ones one day anyway(hey, gotta see at least some optimism there)
I'll definately make sure my next one runs well on all systems..=)...if you have any suggestions on how to drop the r_speeds that I might have overlooked...please please do tell me....
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Niptlar unregistered
#14   11 Dec 2000
Well, it isn't like 1v1 is recommended, but that is the mode where I find the GL to be the most sensible.
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Niptlar unregistered
#13   11 Dec 2000
I'm actually missing some of textures (and yes, I do have tw0pak.pk3).

The level is really too big for tourney, and I feel that the Grenade Launcher is not all that useful given the relative openness of the level and the more powerful nature of the Plasma Gun. I don't really play much FFA anymore, so I won't be able to help much further.

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Deathmonger unregistered
#12   11 Dec 2000
Just a complaint...

next time keep an eye on the r_speeds, though the map is great that is a very unfriendly week point...

Anyway, good job.

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WaSp unregistered
#11   10 Dec 2000
love this map man :-)

Very refreshing ideas.

10/10 for the brushwork alone.

ps:you have mail

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Deathmonger unregistered
#10   10 Dec 2000
This level is one the best things that has come out in the last weeks.. (bal3dm3, yog3dm4)

It has a great ambient with all that clock engines trough the whole level and the gameflow is fine (not with bots though).

The only issue I've found id the glass texture... IMO it would be better if it had been more transparent, about 0.2(current is 0.6 from was I suspect) or below... anyway, good job.. I'll look forward for your work in months to come Charon...

Deathmonger's Compendium

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Lord NeCro unregistered
#9   10 Dec 2000
i downloaded the remake of the Edge and im hooked so ill grab anything Charon makes, the maps are quite excellent the only issue i saw with Timeless Classic was that my bots hung out in one area alot but it was in the readme so i expected it. Please keep up the awesome mapping!!
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Charon unregistered
#8   10 Dec 2000
just one more post....all is well and fixed now...wanted to say thanks for updating the file on the lvl site.....
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Charon unregistered
#7   10 Dec 2000
btw..if you just need a quick fix and don't want to redownload the entire thing..you can download this file:


its only 1k and should be extract to your baseq3 directory

I've also put the mapmedia file on my page for download if anyone wants it....I dunno if the people at q3radiant will ask me to take it down or not....they shouldn't....but its there anyway.....I almost thing id software should include that pak file in there next patch so this sorta thing doesn't happen as often......

sorry for any inconvenience peeps...

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Charon unregistered
#6   10 Dec 2000
this problem was fixed already..I need to get tiggeron to put the new version up that came out mere hours after the first one yesterday.....its a texture called blacksky.tga...and if you download the file from my site it works

<a href="www.interactivedeath.net" target="_blank">www.interactivedeath.net</a>

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Johnny Law unregistered
#5   10 Dec 2000
It's another mapmedia.pk3 issue... Charon didn't put all the necessary textures in the pk3, so unless you have the editor installed, you'll have some missing textures. A "gotcha" that gets a lot of mappers.

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Arco unregistered
#4   10 Dec 2000
I love the map... but for some reason a lot of the textures (ones found inside the cog hole things in the floor) are missing or not showing up... and in the console it goes on about shaders not working etc... I dunno whats wrong but do you? Kick ass map as well.
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WarMachine unregistered
#3   10 Dec 2000
hehe very cool map charon nice layout item placement is good, the only problem i had with the map was the frame rate, i do have a geforce 2 i dont know what the problem is with the game flow, maybe its just me ??? anyway nice job charon War :)
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Charon unregistered
#2   10 Dec 2000
hehe...nope...I havn't even seen the new zelda n64 game.....this is an idea I was shooting around a year ago...I did some sketches...and then put them away and forgot about them.......I just now found them and was like...."well..I can do that now...lets go for it"
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Octovus unregistered
#1   10 Dec 2000
I haven't dled this yet but I had a thought. Probably totally wrong as usual, but here goes.

You didn't perchance get the theme from the new Zelda (N64) game? I just bought it and there's freaking clocks everywhere...gets annoying after a while :)

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