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Mapsking Rep. 371
#15   08 Sep 2020
We played this map with 6 human players, and 6 bots in team deathmatch. It was a lot of fun, and I really liked the launchpads on the lower level. The hallway was not long, but they reminded me of moving sidewalks in an airport. The map was not too densely or sparsely populated, always someone to frag or be fragged by. I personally think even in a 6 player FFA, it would still have been fine and fun. One minor nitpick, I think it would look better if the teleporters went from top to bottom, and not from bottom to top. This was a fun map, and we will be keeping it.

I personally liked this one better than mini mojo, and did not think it was too big at all.

I recommend this map.

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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#14   26 Jun 2008
This is a very large map that will accommodate 16+ players easily but I would recommend it being played with a mod as the map is a little too light on weapons for this amount of players. Accelerator pads are included to allow easy traversal of long corridors but they don’t embark you upon any useful strafe runs. Fragging with RL or RG is fun on them however. Gonnakillya addressed this problem in minimojo but here the teleporters are not really a time saving feature. MH/RA/RL/Quad are all weighted to 1 side of the map. This makes it too easy to set up control over bots so I wouldn’t recommend it as a single player unless you were using beefed up bots (Rat, Akuma, Neon etc). Powerups are gone in the mini version. But gameplay still remains ordinary. On the plus side Gonnakillya got it all right with Monkey Madness and I would recommend this map to anyone.
Edited: 26 Jun 2008 AEST
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#13   22 Feb 2005

The counter hit 2000 downloads.

I hope people who downloaded it enjoyed it.

Or at the very least didn't think it was a rat's ass piece of shit. ;-)

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Knight Cloud unregistered
#12   11 Apr 2001
Gonakillya yourr map take me summer 2000.
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#11   07 Apr 2001
Thanx for the compliment, Knight Cloud.

It usually takes one month to build the map and then another month of beta testing and tweaking.

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Knight Cloud unregistered
#10   05 Apr 2001
GONNAKILLYA ,How much time you still maiking these level?

It was great.

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#9   03 Apr 2001

Thanx to everyone who took the time to download this pig of a map. Mucho gracias.

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Hr.O unregistered
#8   12 Dec 2000
didn't d-load the map yet but the beta was worth a seven :)

ps. nice to see you back online :)

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#7   11 Dec 2000
Once again I'd like to thank everyone for the compliments.

izeColt, I'm flattered...I'll be working diligently on Battle of Theed but without an internet connection, it'll prolly be a couple more months before it gets out.

Goblin King, I'm glad you liked the launch pads, sorta like Jousting!

sock, thank you oh so much for all yer help during beta and thanx for letting me use one of your skyboxes!

If anyone is interested in trying out my other map, MonkeyMadness, you can check it out here at ..::LVL

Thanx again.

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izeColt unregistered
#6   06 Dec 2000
Hey GONNAKILLYA! Let me know when your next map is going to be in Beta :) It would be a honor to check and test it...
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Goblin King unregistered
#5   05 Dec 2000
Well worth the DL...Love those dueling pads down below...
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sock unregistered
#4   02 Dec 2000
This is certainly different to the beta map I played. Lovely brush work.

I'm glad u added the RL jump goodies :)

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izeColt unregistered
#3   30 Nov 2000
Heh, I remember this one from Beta section :) You got some fine piece of art in here, GONNAKILLYA! Keep it up.
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#2   29 Nov 2000
Thanx for the accolades MEet-CEes! I'd like to thank ..::LVL for a flattering review.

One other note I haven't had a chance to fix yet in the README is that some of the textures are also from the Meatpack textures that I downloaded from The Big House.

Thanx again to everyone who downloaded it and thanx to all beta testers for the help!

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MEet-CEes unregistered
#1   29 Nov 2000
i Dl'd a earlier beta of this map and i thought i wasted my time cause it wasnt detailed and it was kinda laggy plus the bots though its an awesome map.awesome to see that transition. also you should note to possible downloaders the this is a newer version. like say its "v1 final".
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