Waste Processing Plant 13
Screenshot for Waste Processing Plant 13 by r3tina
Added: 10 Nov, 2000   More than 15 years old
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19 days ago
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There's a bit in the ceiling of the room with the Railgun you can clip into with a rocket jump. Fortunately, you can still kill the player.
Love the map aesthetic!
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16 Jan 2001
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The best Q3 Domination map I´ve seen so far! Good flow and very nice architecture, texturing and lightning. Please make some more Domination maps! :)
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17 Nov 2000
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Finally another comment:
Nice Map with Good game play..
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15 Nov 2000
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Nice to see my map listed here, but where's the feedback? Guys??
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10 Nov 2000
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A very good map for the Domination mod. We had a lot of fun playing it at lan parties. If you like the domination mod, make sure you download this map!
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10 Nov 2000
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Great map for the Domination mod. Too bad the bots can't play Domination though.

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