Fun Of Killing
Fun Of Killing by wozio
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Tig Rep. 1224
#14   27 Dec 2010
@bigbozp: No, he was not a member. When you write the code yourself, there is nothing you can not do. Banning a non-member is very possible, just not as easy a member :]
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bigbozp unregistered
#13   27 Dec 2010
was he a member? because I don't know how its possible to ban someone who isn't registered
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Tig Rep. 1224
#12   26 Dec 2010
Steinecke was banned from posting on ..::LvL because he sometimes posted extreme and offensive comments (from memory). This was way back in 2000, not long after the site was opened, so there is a chance I've got the details wrong.

A lot of Steinecke's comments where fine, but when he was bad, he was very bad.

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bigbozo unregistered
#11   26 Dec 2010
what was steineke banned from and what for? also-who is he?
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Timmy!!! unregistered
#10   20 Dec 2000
Nice. Definatly a keeper

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Veecko unregistered
#9   28 Nov 2000
Not bad map, I can say that is even good
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#8   12 Nov 2000
I was sent an email from a banned user call Steinecke who has a vaild point about the map, so I'm posting it on his behalf... (and yes I'm running version 1.17 of Q3A because of the mods I like to play)

I'm unable, to post a comment, 'cause I'm banned (which I deserved). But there is something important: The 25y-bots do use the button for the door on this map. The 'new' bots are much more clever in doing such sophisticated things, than the 'older' bots. To make a fair decision about the botplay, the newest patch should be installed; I guess, Your are not using it, because Mod-problems? (In my opinion, this maps connectivity is as good as 'Bloodruns'.)

Stefan Steinecke

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wozio unregistered
#7   10 Nov 2000
Remember, there are two maps, diferent in details, one for ffa and one for tournament.
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biscuitman unregistered
#6   10 Nov 2000
Looks good,DLing now,will post again if it's :)
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pu§hy unregistered
#5   10 Nov 2000
mwehehe! and it took him 2 min to post his next "fantastic" comment :p some folks are so dumb. anyway i haven't dl the map yet...but im goin to...i was kinda lookin for 'real' comments here but...well u know what i mean :D
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#4   10 Nov 2000
hehe, nice id# Adun and KillCreed, still its good to see you like the level :]
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Adun unregistered
#3   10 Nov 2000
Fantastic, ideal for FFA-match.
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KillCreed unregistered
#2   10 Nov 2000
Wonderful...there are no words to describe this...
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excessus unregistered
#1   10 Nov 2000
humm... can´t download. fileplanet reports file not found.
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