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Waste Processing Plant 13
================================================================ Title : Waste Processing Plant 13 Filename : rjldom1.bsp Author : r3tina Email Address : **email removed** Date : 13 October 2000 Version : 1.12 Description : Medium sized Domination map Map Info : Players: 6 recommended, 8 max. Weapons: Shotgun(2), lightninggun(1), Plasmagun(1), Railgun(1), Grenadelauncher(1), RocketLauncher(1). Powerups: [Quad(1), Autodoc(1), PowerArmor(1)]=teamed Credits go to: : id Software for creating Quake III Arena, Anthony Jacques for making the great Domination Mod and the pr0nMaster Quake Clan for giving feedback and testing. ================================================================= * Construction * Computer : PIII 450 196 Meg RAM Editor(s) used : Q3radiant 181/199, ShaderEdit, Q3Build for compiling Build Time : About 2 months on and off Compile time BSP: 42 sec. VIS: 733 sec. Light -extra wide: 3141 sec. BSPC: 260 sec. Known Bugs : None that I'm aware off... I liked Domination for UT the moment I saw and tried it, so I was very pleased to see a Q3A version of Domination. I almost instantly decided to build a map for this great mod, so here it is. I hope everyone will like it... I've suplied a .AAS file with this map, although the bots don't seem to know how to play Domination very well, but you still can play a FFA in this map as well. History 1.12 Added some more clipbrushes and Added Rocketlauncher (+ ammo). 1.11 Added small stairs to enable escape from Acid Dump (it didn't seem fair to deny escape). 1.1 Changed the Acid Dump area by making it a bit larger (thus giving more room to move around). Also added clipbrushes in some areas. 1.0 Created map... To download the excellent Domination Mod go to http://www.planetquake.com/domination Check out my homepage at http://members.xoom.com/r3tina or the pmqc homepage at http://members.xoom.com/pmqclan ================================================================= This map is 2000 RJL and may only be distributed by electronic means (e.a. Internet or BBS). Please don't copy this map or parts of it without my permission.
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