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Upon a Cross of Gold
Upon a Cross of Gold by tequila
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Nitebeat unregistered
#9   31 Jul 2002
Not a bad map. Sure did feel different from most other level out there (very important imho)

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Cranial_Bore unregistered
#8   16 Nov 2000
This map impressed me, it connected real well and looked good too. I didn't find it too yellow, a nice change from overly dark lighting.

I give it an 8

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not entered unregistered
#7   16 Nov 2000
Well i've seen the map :)

took me sometime i'm always busy with ... about everything at once.

Map looks great. Lay-out and visuals. Played a match. Botmatch that is :)

good match. :) liked it. This arena will stay in my base :) good job on this one. And i have the feeling the level is alive know what i mean some people use no ambient sounds at all.. :(?? :I why? you got me there.

anyway, good work.

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Agent J unregistered
#6   10 Nov 2000
Bright is right... Had no problems playing it... Bots played pretty well, I'm looking fwd to playing this map on a server soon... Good work Tequila:)
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pu§hy unregistered
#5   07 Nov 2000
well even if i set my gamma to a 'much' lower setting ... that 'yellowish' color is still there ... it's quite irritating ... but it's tolerable .. i think :p
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tequila unregistered
#4   07 Nov 2000
lol.. 70's public architecture wasn't exactly the idea i had in mind but i guess i can see it.. was going for a little simpler, abstract look than the usual quake map.

as for being too yellowish i might have made the map too bright overall.. if your vid card gamma is set really high the tan/gold-ish textures used throughout can look pretty garish. i hate maps that are too dark, but i may have erred in the other direction.


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Tetzlaff unregistered
#3   06 Nov 2000
Would have been an interesting real life map without the techno and goth details, just pure 70´s public architecture :)
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pu§hy unregistered
#2   05 Nov 2000
is it juz me or some parts of this map is juz ... ummm ... too much yelowish b'coz of the lighting?

gameplay is nice...imo

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NeoNite unregistered
#1   05 Nov 2000
Downloading it right now. As soon as it played it, expect a comment :) looks good in the pic. :=S looks appealing :)


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