Upon a Cross of Gold
Upon a Cross of Gold by tequila
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Takkie Rep. 1788
#10   24 Feb 2021
Interesting level. There are a few features that really work in TDM, the height differences, the way the water slows you down in giving support to your team members (which reminds me of Propaganda by tequila). There are some good areas for fighting with team members, you can really give support and assist from a adifferent angle. What prevents me of replaying is the fog of death. In TDM it makes me feel stupid falling in the fog of death especially in this map where it is set up in a way it feels like a trap which you could have avoided easily. Making the fog of death a water feature and connect it with the other bottom parts would have been more fitting. If I learned anything from quake3 maps/mods it is important to have features that doesn't make the players feel bad, even if they suck or do something stupid (like playing to enthusiastic) . So in this case for TDM getting fragged by an opponent is part of the game, making a mistake and fall down in fog and die is double punishment (-1 frag and you need some time to get back in the action) would it have been water it would just cost time. A less severe 'punishment' and you don't 'fail' your team members... But all in all a good map but I'd rather play teqdm2 Propaganda by tequila in TDM.
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Nitebeat unregistered
#9   31 Jul 2002
Not a bad map. Sure did feel different from most other level out there (very important imho)

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Cranial_Bore unregistered
#8   16 Nov 2000
This map impressed me, it connected real well and looked good too. I didn't find it too yellow, a nice change from overly dark lighting.

I give it an 8

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not entered unregistered
#7   16 Nov 2000
Well i've seen the map :)

took me sometime i'm always busy with ... about everything at once.

Map looks great. Lay-out and visuals. Played a match. Botmatch that is :)

good match. :) liked it. This arena will stay in my base :) good job on this one. And i have the feeling the level is alive know what i mean some people use no ambient sounds at all.. :(?? :I why? you got me there.

anyway, good work.

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Agent J unregistered
#6   10 Nov 2000
Bright is right... Had no problems playing it... Bots played pretty well, I'm looking fwd to playing this map on a server soon... Good work Tequila:)
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pu§hy unregistered
#5   07 Nov 2000
well even if i set my gamma to a 'much' lower setting ... that 'yellowish' color is still there ... it's quite irritating ... but it's tolerable .. i think :p
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tequila unregistered
#4   07 Nov 2000
lol.. 70's public architecture wasn't exactly the idea i had in mind but i guess i can see it.. was going for a little simpler, abstract look than the usual quake map.

as for being too yellowish i might have made the map too bright overall.. if your vid card gamma is set really high the tan/gold-ish textures used throughout can look pretty garish. i hate maps that are too dark, but i may have erred in the other direction.


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Tetzlaff unregistered
#3   06 Nov 2000
Would have been an interesting real life map without the techno and goth details, just pure 70´s public architecture :)
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pu§hy unregistered
#2   05 Nov 2000
is it juz me or some parts of this map is juz ... ummm ... too much yelowish b'coz of the lighting?

gameplay is nice...imo

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NeoNite unregistered
#1   05 Nov 2000
Downloading it right now. As soon as it played it, expect a comment :) looks good in the pic. :=S looks appealing :)


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