Hell in a very small place
Hell in a very small place by 8ada55
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Colton Rep. 359
#3   30 May 2016
This has potential, but right now, I don't think it's even worth downloading.
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8ada55 unregistered
#2   23 Feb 2001
In retrospect, yes the map sucks, sorry I posted it, wath out for my new ones though as i seem to have made all the mistakes on this one.
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FooL unregistered
#1   08 Nov 2000
Bad. Worthless. Do not download.

I'll explain a little simply besause I hate people who post stuff like that and don't extrapolate. (I'm telling you tigger, this place needs a spell check;-)

This is yet another map that should have never left the authors hard drive. Or at least, from the sounds of the readme.txt his friends drives. It's something to be proud of when you make a map that YOU can enjoy. Just don't think the rest of the world will.

Specifics: The walls....didn't connect at places. Making it possible to "see" inside the map at places. (this effect commonly seen on the roofs of maps....just not in the middle of the courtyard)

Connectivity was NOT there.

Enough armor for a map 4 times it's size.

And GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! The proportions of the map were disgusting. BIG BIG BIG room with a ceiling way the F*$& up there! Connected to a teeny tiny paper thin room.

I'd go on, but I don't think I have to. 3 outta 10 simply because I CAN'T make a map. So it's a couple of steps above what I can do.

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