The Garden of Eight
The Garden of Eight by izeColt
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cr unregistered
#6   06 Nov 2000
I agree with the crate thing (???). This is a pretty (nice) good map although I would have seen something like a narrow deep pool right in the center of the courtyard with something like a quad at the bottom so that one could have a motivation to come out right in the center of that big open area (he, he).This stays a personal point of view, as it already is great like it is. Otherwise fun map with great looks but for the crates (again ??? ,sorry for hammering that in, after all there are only a few). I don't agree with the author when he says there's nothing special as there is not much missing to make a top map, it does have a potential and a feel of it's own and for a first map this one's a keeper.
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izeColt unregistered
#5   03 Nov 2000
Well, I posted it in here LvL. I made what I was told to do. Anyway, this was just my first map so I just used it to test few things and that sort of stuff. I must anyway thank thee from your feedback...
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not entered unregistered
#4   03 Nov 2000
Did you post it on the editing forum? I don't check the forums here very often but the guys over there are very helpful when it comes to beta testing.
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izeColt unregistered
#3   02 Nov 2000
This map actually was in Beta testing few months ago.
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not entered unregistered
#2   02 Nov 2000
Tip number one.

Crates and gothic maps don't mix. :)

Seriously though, the map has potential. Try sticking to a specific theme a little better next time (the crates blew the whole gothic look for me). Beta test your next map at a popular level editing message board (here and the editing forums should suffice).

Good luck on your future maps.

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izeColt unregistered
#1   01 Nov 2000
Let me know your opinion from this map. It's actually my really first Q3A map, so it's not anything special. I just thought to put it down here.
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