The Garden of Eight

---< The Garden of Eight (Final 1.5) >---------------------------------

Date : 09/05/2000
Mapname : eight.bsp
Author : Kari 'izeColt' Hernesniemi
E-mail : **email removed**
Home :
Description : Quake III Arena deathmatch map

---< Description >-----------------------------------------------------

Game types : ffa and team
Players : 2 to 6
Respawns : 8
New Sounds : Yes - sound/world
New Models : Nope
New Textures : Yes - textures/gothic_block
Build Time : 10 Days + testing
Programs used : Q3Radiant 201, Paint Shop Pro 4.12 and WinRAR 2.70 b

---< Installing and running the map >----------------------------------

1. Unzip (by using unzipping program) zip-file into your Quake3/baseq3
2. Run Quake3 and turn console on by hitting ~ button.
3. Type "/map eight" (without dots!).

*) If you want to hear music during the battle, rename whatever
music.wav (format must be 16b/22050sr) to eight.wav and put it into
baseq3/music folder.

---< History >---------------------------------------------------------

Final 1.5
- Just some brush problems fixed
- This is the final release!

Beta 1.4
- Made lots of changes!
- Replaced few items
- Removed PG and added Lighting
- Added new ambient sounds
- Some brushes removed
- Replaced floortexture in jumppad room
- Added some clipwork

Beta 1.3
- Nothing much, just some tuning

Beta 1.2
- Some problems fixed
- Some textures changed
- Few brushes totally removed

Beta 1.1
- Made .aas file for bots
- Fixed few problems
- Added more ammo and items
- Removed and cleaned up some brushes
- Now everything/something should work little better

Beta 1.0
- Some brushproblems fixed
- Replaced two info_player_deathmatch
- Made lots of little things

- All of it...

---< Thanks To >-------------------------------------------------------

Kokis, HillAttic, Timpsa, Mina and Rotator just for being around.
Pekka W. and Veikko P. for all-night-fight in LAN.
nakedape, GONNAKILLYA! and pjw for beta testing and feedback.
Paul Jaquays Astrocreep, Christian Antkow, EutecTic, Inolen,
Mr. Elusive, Maddog, Martin Ka’ai Cluney, Robert A. Duffy,
Small Pile of Gibs, Suicide20 and The Dog for Q3Radiant manual.
PlanetQuake, DoomWorld, ..::LvL, Rocket Arena team and Quake3World.
And of course id Software for Doom and Quake.

---< Copyright / Permissions >-----------------------------------------

Copyright (2000) by Kari Hernesniemi. All rights reserved.

This package may only be distributed by means of electronic transfer,
free of any charge to the recipient, and may not be modified in any
way. All the files included in the original package must remain intact
and unmodified.

This package may not be distributed on any CD-ROM, nor be
used on a commercial multi-player server without the prior,
explicit written consent of Kari Hernesniemi.


Never known shall never be...