Iron Yard

Title : Iron Yard
Filename : Fr3dm1.pk3
Game : Quake 3 Arena
Gametype : FFA, Team
Author : Ville 'Friction' Nieminen
Contact : **email removed**
Homepage : Soon in
Filesize : 2.4 MB

Previous maps : Frdm1 - The Three Falls (Q2 DM)
: Frdm2 - The Exposure (Q2 DM)
: Frdm3 - Under Pressure (Q2 DM)


General blahblah : Ahhh.. it has been ages since I last released a map. This one
has been in the process for 6 months and im glad to finally get
rid of it. "But where are the curves? This is supposed to be Q3A?!",
I hear you say. Oldskool Flavor here, no curves to be seen (okay,
i got couple patches tho). Angular stuff just rocks too much :)

Recommended player load: 3-8 in FFA (3-6 if you dislike mayhem)
2 vs 2 - 4 vs 4 in TeamDM. (again, 4 vs 4 is action packed)
Some brave souls might even try duels, quite large for that tho.

Botplay : Bots do play the map but thats pretty much all about it, so dont
expect to see anything fancy in that department. The layout just seems
to be too much for them to handle.

Included bots are: Doom, Ranger, Keel, Hunter and Patriot

Greetings to : All betatesters, and in particular to Bal - The Triangular Betatester

Shambler for suggesting adding an outdoor part

Clan Eel

Residents of #Terrafusion - The home of 00rt and other such things

Pete 'Meat' Parisi for the awesome meatpak textures

Than for the great than_industrial texture set

Lunaran for lundesert rock and dirt textures

And to everyone else I forgot

(And to CardO because he is whining to get his name here at IRC ;=)


Techy Stuff

Compile Machine : Celeron 500 / 128MB SDRAM
Compile Time : Bsp 33 seconds
: Vis 663 seconds
: Rad 1034 seconds
: Total 29 minutes
New Textures : Yes, Meatpak, than_industrial and some modified ones by me
New Sounds : Some from Q2
New Music : No
Weapon Load : GL, RL, RG, Shaft and 2 Shotguns
Ammo : 4 ammo_bullet
2 ammo_grenades
2 ammo_lightning
3 ammo_rockets
3 ammo_shells
2 ammo_slugs


The boring part : You may not..

..distribute this level on any physical media without my written permission
..use this level as a base to build additional levels
..omit this textfile when distributing this map

You may..

..distribute this level via electronic means freely (Internet, BBS, etc)
..put this level in map packs (please contact me if you do so)
..put this level on any server you want
..enjoy the level :)

And Remember : If something blows up I had nothing to do with it. (it was CardO)