Iron Yard
Iron Yard by Friction
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#51   18 Oct 2020
Cool map, with good gameplay. A bit too horizontal though. It needs an upper gallery or some wide open area for further intensity.
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#50   23 Feb 2012
This is pretty awesome. I love it :).
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RedOne Rep. 87
#49   12 Aug 2010
Great map. As the reviewer said, perfect for a 4-player DM. ThereĀ“s a missing texture, but at a non-relevant place.
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Avenger unregistered
#48   28 Nov 2009
excellent map, one of my all time favorites !!! definitively a map EVERYONE must have
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PaN61 Rep. 377
#47   14 Nov 2009
Good map, textures are excellent, bots play really good, nice weapon placement.
You sure made the map exciting to play.


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Bionic Gerbil Rep. 20
#46   14 Apr 2005
among my all time favs
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Mr. Lake unregistered
#45   30 Sep 2003
It's kind of like playing a better Quake 2. :)
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kerygma unregistered
#44   25 Apr 2003
Man, this map is incredible. Amazing flow, and soft on the eyes. The first one I go to for DM.
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dingbat unregistered
#43   28 Aug 2002
this map is freakin nice, i make maps and its freakin hard to make em let alone make em anywhere near this freak.His style reminds me of ztn..

good work chief

an make more. if i was a girl i'd show the author my tits

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Violence3k unregistered
#42   24 Jan 2002
Love the textures
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Embryodead unregistered
#41   23 Dec 2001
I have spent months looking for that "perfect" map, they are either too dark or just not what I want in a good map. This map right here is quality, I played a 500 frag game without getting up once and I had a blast. This is the best quake 3 map I have seen THUS far and it's one of the earlier ones! Why aren't maps of this quality anymore? People need to take a look at this map and see what was done right about it so well. Awesome work and it's really too bad there isn't more work by this author.
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DaZ unregistered
#40   06 Jul 2001
When people ask me where to get a good Q3 map, I point them to this page. This map is simply outstanding.
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Grahf unregistered
#39   19 May 2001
Iron Yard is a perfect example of superior mapping. It doesn't connnect, it flows. It moves faster than a Viper Twin Turbo (OK, well maybe not THAT fast ;). Multi-layered and multi-tiered, but not excessively vertical. Mid to long range fights are possible, but you had better be watching your arse at all times, because people WILL be shooting at you from all sides.

This map 0wnz.

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Commander Keen unregistered
#38   09 May 2001
shit forgot to rank it on the last comment sorry :(
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Commander Keen unregistered
#37   09 May 2001
OK Friction, it's time to make another one...he he

this is one of my favorite Q3A maps gameplay and flow is very good. I just can't believe Friction has only made this one Q3A map.

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Commander Keen unregistered
#36   24 Feb 2001
right on par with my top 3 favorite mappers. Charon, Auhsan, and ZTN. The flow of the map itself is awesome, but the added look and feeling created by these textures launches it way ahead of any other tech/base themed map I've seen in a while. There are simply not enough good tech themed maps out there in my opinion. I mean with Roarsach and evil textures there should be a ton more. I do bas maps myself but nothing of this quality or even close. I'd love to see the next one man keep it up.
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Ogham unregistered
#35   27 Jan 2001
The play is good and weapons placed well. Good as a one on one. I like playing my friends on this one.
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Detect unregistered
#34   02 Jan 2001
Very nice map!!!!!!!

must have....

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< THE ^DARK^ > unregistered
#33   11 Dec 2000
This map feels like something straght out of Aliens. Unbelievable atmosphere here people. Way to Friction, this map will stay on my hd permanently! I never give tens out. You have my first!
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=RS=Karma C unregistered
#32   20 Nov 2000
By far the best gameflow of any map yet. I can't wait for your next one... how about making a map for WFA? We need more talented mapmakers :)
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Slater unregistered
#31   07 Nov 2000
I haven't downloaded it yet, but I will soon. I'm slow these days. :) But I had to comment on the stupid comments about jumping. Maybe the author didn't want you to jump all over. I'm so sick of bunnies every time I play. They arn't any harder to actually blow up with a rocket launcher, but they sure as hell are annoying with that "Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh" :)

My one cent, I'll give another one when I download it. :)

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Igloo-Man unregistered
#30   01 Nov 2000
I can only look at this map, coz I don't have Q3...

And all I have to say is... Perfecto! ;)

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::Benin:: unregistered
#29   01 Nov 2000
Man, this map rocks 3r337 ass!!

It's one of the best maps ever!!=)

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MENTALPATIENT unregistered
#28   31 Oct 2000
HEY its me again..After reading Gonnakillya's comment.All I can say is THE MAN IS RIGHT! Actually walking down a flight of virtual stairs shouldnt be much of an effort for you ppl! And might I add: with a thousand nine hundred + dls ! Who cares if you dont like it! For the price you PAID FOR IT you ppl should STOP BITCHING! Dont like it? Delete it thats all! Personnaly I said it long ago Ilike this map and i stand by my score........10 all the way!!!!
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TombstoneJoe unregistered
#27   31 Oct 2000
This is the best map I've ever played. Original theme, unique gameplay, and a completely balanced layout. Excellent piece of work Friction.

BTW, check out the great review over at The Big House.

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Bill Brooks unregistered
#26   31 Oct 2000
What else can be said, this is one fine piece of work and it stays on my harddrive..
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RushFur unregistered
#25   30 Oct 2000
A bit confusing at first but I guess all the maps were confusing the first time :) Anyway, great map. Keep it up!
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WarMachine unregistered
#24   30 Oct 2000
oops sorry about my spelling all.....
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WarMachine unregistered
#23   30 Oct 2000
just pasin by still no more maps do dl yet :( yeah this map is very nice, ive said it a few times but ill say it again overkill is still my fav map i live there lol, i will be impressen if i find a better map than overkill, i ant no camper but ive piyched my tent in overkill and ant leaving till i find a better map ......hehe happy fraggen all, btw friction this map ant leaven my hard drive for a long long time nice job keep up the good work man.... :)
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#22   29 Oct 2000
Shit, 7 more people downloaded it as I typed my comment!


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cyberhazard unregistered
#21   29 Oct 2000
OMG, awsome concept & layout. Gameflow is very good. Very fine piece of work.

Only one small nitpick, clip brushes. I hate to get hung up in little corners in the heat of battle.

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#20   29 Oct 2000
Wow, nearly 2000 downloads in just a few days! Very impressive. I commented on yer map over at Quake3World but with all the buzz being generated by this map here, I had to drop by and say hi again.

This map is awesome!

I honestly don't know why some people are getting bent out of shape because the low ceilings on the stairs and there being a small outside area.

Who cares? It's a great map!

Come on guys, there's nothing wrong with going over a map with a fine-toothed comb but I'm not so sure they really affect gameplay all that much.

Especially that crack: Outside area, where? That's just silly IMO.

Perhaps you don't mean to sound so harsh, I'm not sure.

Perhaps Friction wanted you guys to actually walk down the stairs, rather than jump. I don't think it really slows you down too much overall during gameplay on this map. Why does everyone need to strafe jump all over every map?

The fact that 1909 people have grabbed this map should be testimony enough for most that this is a unique and fun map...and not gothic!

Sure, there was a bit too much ammo in places and bot play was on the lower floor most of the time but that's not gonna make me give it anything less than a 10 out of 10.

Way to go Friction!

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biscuitman unregistered
#19   29 Oct 2000

Good layout.

Nice texture theme/alignment.

Weapons/items well balanced.


Ceilings too low on stairs.

No-clip blocks missing on stairs(bots suffer uneccesarily)

Outside area,where? Oh the bit of sky with the moon;)

I gave it 7/10

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Scared Pete unregistered
#18   29 Oct 2000
Dood... the pumpkin is looking at me.
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FooL unregistered
#17   28 Oct 2000
This map isn't bad. But, IMHO, it's not good either. It's just an exercise in mediocraty. (damn page doesn't have a spell checker...)

I'm not even talking about textures or sky or eye candy. All of that is crap if you ask me. I just care about gameplay.

So to get to the meat and potatoes. The map is just a little off on several things. 1)There are several places, especially on the "doors", where you can kind of get stuck on the wall. Not that big of a deal, but it's something that can REALLY take the fun out of a map when you're online witha crappy 56k dialup.

2)The ceiling is also too low on the stairwells. IMHO, the ceiling should NEVER get in the way when someone is just normal jumping. Now, if you want to drop the ceiling to prevent rocket jumps etc....that's fine. But NEVER should it hinder a reagular jump. (In this case when jumping fromt he top of the stairs to the bottom...)

3)This point doesn't really affect gameplay, but....what the hell is the deal with the grenade and lightning gun ammo. Holy crap! You'd think it was on sale 2 for $1.

A fine map overall, just a few tweaks that really bring it down in my opinion. 7 outta 10

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hhmz unregistered
#16   28 Oct 2000
With a little tweaking here and there i would love to see this in a cpl map, loose some weapons and ammo and it will own that sucka t2/t4
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Sundown unregistered
#15   27 Oct 2000
Friction, I don't know if this is your 1st, 5th, or 80th map boy, but keep 'em comin'! A totally unique feel here for Q3. Bots aren't perfect here (NOTE TO ID: release the damn bot movement code so we can improve 'em!), but play good enuff. A workin' man's map! I could live here.
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Eggman unregistered
#14   27 Oct 2000
This map is l33t :)
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Friction unregistered
#13   27 Oct 2000
Thanks for all your comments guys :)
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mommentum unregistered
#12   27 Oct 2000
I forgot to mention the ambient music included.. though most of the others probably won't agree it's music anyway. I suggest listening to Aphex Twin's SAW 2.. it has a similar tune.

Kind of Creepy.

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mommentum unregistered
#11   27 Oct 2000
Confusing with a very subtle touch. A great mix of simplicity and complexity.

I got the feel of playing an improved q1 :) [not a q2 fan ;)] level. The fact that no particular area stands out, points out that Friction was focused mainly on pro gameplay, with or without CPM.

Some nice ideas everywhere across the level.

And again.. I just love the way it leaves you puzzled the first few time you run around it :)

Sometime later I may think of giving a 9 .. but right now I'm just plain grinning all the time :) and there goes a ten.

Excellent. Rox.

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izeColt unregistered
#10   27 Oct 2000
Hey! This map just rocks! Nice texturing, pretty layout and everything spiced with fast and brutal action. Nice map indeed.
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elvis unregistered
#9   26 Oct 2000
a very cool map , and the way it runs is cooler.

i agree.. its actually obvious and sometimes confusing.. that the map looks the same everywere. thats probobly why the map runs so well...

which i very much dont mind.

the q2 feel is there..

dosent everything ussually look the same in maps with the q2 feel?

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Hi-C unregistered
#8   26 Oct 2000
Looks very nice. I'm reminded of some Q1 and Q2 maps from the pre-Gothic Overload era. :)
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MENTALPATIENT unregistered
#7   26 Oct 2000
goo solid map ......and a nice change of colors from the run of the mill GREY or BLUE industrial maps out there! Might be a a distant cousin of Coriolis Storm !Warm colors nice layout !Keep it up Dude!
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Syclone unregistered
#6   26 Oct 2000
Are you looking over my shoulder?

I'm tellin' if you are!

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Death2Uall unregistered
#5   26 Oct 2000
Heheh, I was just coming back here after playing it to say basically the same thing Syclone said. :)
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Syclone unregistered
#4   26 Oct 2000
I really like the look and technical architecture and texturing of this map. It has its own look that doesn't fit many of the cookie cutter styles that are common.

For mindless FFA, it seems pretty good.

The main problem I have with it is pretty much the entire map looks the same, with no easily describabl areas that stand out. Hard to say what I'm getting at here, but there seems to need to be more graphical distinction in various areas, with maybe a bit more size in the "big" item rooms.

Overall, a nice map, though.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#3   26 Oct 2000
Excellent FFA map, in looks and play. Could use less matching ammo by the big weapon pickups, and some sort of draw on the top level, but other than that this is real solid; fun stuff.

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WarMachine unregistered
#2   26 Oct 2000
hmmmm very nice good to see somthing diferent for a change,i can see ill be doing alot of fraggen on this map it does have a q2 & q3 feel to it very nice mix good job friction look forward to your next map happy fraggen....WarMachine....:)

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Deathmonger unregistered
#1   26 Oct 2000
State of the Art! Frib...

Mix a bit of Coriolis pepper, some Q2 salt, put it all toguether in a Ztn bol and then let the BSP/LIGHT/VIS oven to cuck it for a while!!

This maps rocks ass!! I've been playing for an hour and a half!!! the only weak point I found is that the map seems a grenade fest 3/4 of the time!! apart from that...


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