Hell's Other Atrium

Title : Hell's Other Atrium
PK3 Name : nkstrdm2.pk3
Author : Nickster
Email Address : **email removed**
Previous Work : cthdrldm1, nkstrdm1
Description : A medium-large sized gothic arena. Despite the name, it
has nothing to do with E4M5 in Quake. (P.S.: I'm 13 now :)

Thanks go to : id Software, whoever made BSPC-GUI. It was a great help!!

Game : Quake 3 Arena
Type : FFA (recommmending 3-4 players)
Starting Points : 8

Qbsp time :9 sec.
Vis time :69 sec.
Light-Extra time :349 sec.

Base : None, from scratch
Net Brush Count : 752
Brushes : 1094
Entities : 237
Editor used : Q3Radiant (build 201)
Utilities : Q3MAP, BSPC
Known Bugs : None known

Installation : First, put the .pk3 file to the "baseq3" directory and start the game.
Then bring down the console (~ key) and type: /map nkstrdm2.
To add a bot: press "ESC" and pick the "ADD BOT" option from the menu.
___________________________________________ _ _ _

You MAY NOT use this level as a base to build more levels.

You MAY distribute this .ZIP file as long as you E-mail me first
and include all files in the .ZIP file intact.

Hope you enjoy!!!