A Glasswork Fishbowl
A Glasswork Fishbowl by Redchurch
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redchurch unregistered
#35   29 Oct 2002
Ok, 2 years later let's try this one more time.

You need to have the personal teleporter to get the BFG. Jump for the BFG and before you drop too far use the personal teleporter from your inventory to transport to a safe location elsewhere in the level. It's not easy. But it wasn't meant to be.

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Knight Cloud unregistered
#34   11 Apr 2001
Witch fog u use?
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Ping Floyd unregistered
#33   19 Mar 2001
Ok,you need the personal transporter to get the BFG,then what? I think you have to grab it,then go through a teleporter using it at the same time,or something very similar to that,however everything I tried didn't work,I still haven't got to it,can someone explain the whole technique? Someone showed me online once but I finally tried it much later...

The map is great but a little too glossy/shinny in places IMHO.


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DreadlockDragon unregistered
#32   19 Mar 2001

I like the motion! It is good to be able to strafe non-stop and still navigate a map. Great use of texture and form. /com_hunkmegs 90 works fine! I do get a bit lost in here though... maybe a bit too symmetrical?

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Badger unregistered
#31   02 Jan 2001
The connectivity in this level is very good. You can get to just about any point in the level within a minute. The switching in and out of powerups is also a nice touch. Requiring the player to have the personal teleporter before jumping for the BFG is also a neat trick. This level is pretty damn cool!
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BladeX2X unregistered
#30   18 Dec 2000
Great map design.

I love the room with the white fog !!!!!

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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#29   14 Dec 2000
How in the hell you supposed to get the BFG in a pit! If you jump, you die. I cant even get it with the grappling hook!
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Timmy!!! unregistered
#28   09 Nov 2000
The Bfg's under the walkway in the fog room.
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James unregistered
#27   07 Nov 2000
nice layout, size, weapon placement....cant wait for your next map..keep up the good work!

Also the r_speeds aren't too bad!

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antimatter unregistered
#26   05 Nov 2000
After almost 20 minutes of playing this thing, I never once saw the friggin bfg, let alone knew how to get it...someone help me before I go insane =)
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Frost unregistered
#25   04 Nov 2000
Kewl map...I like the curved glass..(I haven't figured out how to do that yet) BFG is tuff to get...I like it...

Good map

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pottymouth unregistered
#24   04 Nov 2000
yes, I believe dis is great
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#23   02 Nov 2000
I thought it was a nice map. I understand the layout was to block vis but I would have preferred a more intense sense of verticality.

Nice map. Original looks me thinks.


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sorry unregistered
#22   02 Nov 2000
Hmm... what is all that hype for? Its good looking, but i have seen better... and more important... gameplay was left a bit in the building process.
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weezer unregistered
#21   02 Nov 2000
Yepper, it's a keeper.
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Niptlar unregistered
#20   01 Nov 2000
I was hoping the PG and GL would have had more ammo and the RG have less (for balance).

It's nice to see the BFG again. Good work.

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Mr. Satan unregistered
#19   01 Nov 2000
Great map! I especially liked the hallway section with the fog and BFG!

Cya'll soon! >:D

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redchurch unregistered
#18   01 Nov 2000
"How do I get the BFG?"

You need the personal teleporter, which switches out with the invisibility. So yeah, it's pretty tough to get.

Thanks for all the cool/constructive comments from everyone. And for those of you that didn't have anything good to say, I'll see you in that really hot place where Mr. Satan lives. :)

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Zarathustra unregistered
#17   01 Nov 2000
Some are saying this map is too "tight." Well, it does have lots of twisting hallways, but I rather like them. I've played much "tighter" maps than this that I still kind of liked, so I think "Glasswork Fishbowl" is just fine in this regard. Besides, I think it is more interesting to play on a map with more complex pathways that give it a distinctive feel, than to play one one with too many plain, open areas. I think it takes a lot of creativity and effort to make it all join up and flow as well as it does here.

One impressive thing about this map is that the central R/L room has -- count 'em -- at least 9 entry/exit points with pathways that twist around to smaller satellite areas from there. I found this complexity to be a lot of fun when I played it with bots -- they seemed to cover the level well and I met them in many different combat situations. Very fun.

The look of the map is subdued and tasteful, making good use of the standard id textures. The ambience was pleasing and appropriately foreboding; I also liked the skylights and glass-domed rooms; really nice. I am really amazed that people keep coming up with new ways to present the same id textures that still seem somewhat fresh. This map is a good example.

Overall, I give this map a solid 8/10. I reserve the 9's and 10's for maps with extensive custom texture work or some kind of outstanding gameplay facet. This map is very solid in looks and gameplay, so it gets a good score in both, if not the top score.

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GreyCloak unregistered
#16   01 Nov 2000
Weird thing happened, same thing that happened when I downloaded stigmata. Missing floor texture, in fact it's the exact same texture. I cleared my baseq dir out of all pk3's files 'cept the map and the four base packs. Texture still missing, okay, Put all the maps back in the baseq dir, and the texture is there. I don't know the texture name, but it's that rust colored floor that's all over the place in Stigmata,and on some of the steps here. Anyone else have this problem?

As for the map, I give it a 6. It's not a bad map, but it dosen't really do it for me. I don't know, something seems missing.

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RiO unregistered
#15   01 Nov 2000
Nice looking map, but I agree with a few people down the list... to horizontal. And too big for my personal taste as well. BTW how DO you get that BFG?? :>
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Deathmonger unregistered
#14   01 Nov 2000
Maps like this one make me think that the levelshot is not a preview but a trick to make you download the map.

My note:4.

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nunuk unregistered
#13   01 Nov 2000
a bit too horizontal for me....but the brush work is cool. the main point is: no bad taste.

well done rc.

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WarMachine unregistered
#12   31 Oct 2000
yeah i did have way to much coffee that night and morning, i think i have to stop downloading and staying on the net so much but its fun..........War
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Asteron unregistered
#11   31 Oct 2000
I liked the style of it, very consistent, maybe a little too consistent though. The only real room with an individual personality was the fog room.

There was some missing caulking which isnt good but plenty of very pretty architecture.

BTW how can you get the BFG? I tried looking for a magic button or teleporter or something and jumping in doesnt seem to help.

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BladeKiller unregistered
#10   31 Oct 2000
I quite enjoy playing this map. I've played it 1 on 1 and with 5 of us. It has a nice q2 feel to it's flow and style, and I found the textures less fatiguing than most. I like the fact that you have to work a little to get the various goodies in the map. I'm looking forward to seeing RedChurch's next level.
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Zdim unregistered
#9   31 Oct 2000
Nice map.
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Timmy!!! unregistered
#8   31 Oct 2000
Very nice!
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Octovus unregistered
#7   31 Oct 2000
coffee ohy ah coff eeis g reatyou know iti s just sog ood!

Lol, either that or it was something a little more serious than coffe eh WarMachine?

(Maybe he was just in a rush) :)

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pu§hy unregistered
#6   31 Oct 2000
a bit too tight for my taste but this map is great!
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drinkmilkfromcarton unregistered
#5   31 Oct 2000
Ooooooooooh technical errors for me to bitch about!!! Why did you not caulk behind the detail brushes? Tsk tsk tsk, because of that, where the trim meets the wall looks very nasty from medium to long range. Makes it look very unprofessional. Sure doesn't help r_speeds. Also in the fog room there are more faces that should of been caulked but were neglected. I will take this as exemplary of your work on TWINE, and will not buy the game now. j/k I wasn't going to buy the game anyway :). Perhaps if everything was caulked that should of been it would have swayed my mind otherwise. Also the fog room seems too detached from the rest of the map. Now that I am done with the negative I will elaborate on the good stuff. There is white trim, curved glass, and Paul J's name in the .txt file.

There's no food under this bridge wtf!

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not entered unregistered
#4   31 Oct 2000
Anybody else get the feeling the WarMachine has had too much coffee this morning? :)

I like some parts of this level and not others. The outdoor sections are way too bright and I agree with Blitzz that it's too horizontal. A good level but not my cup of tea.

I will however keep an eye out around here for the next time a map is released by this author (just try to think a little more three dimensionally next time mate). :)

Score: 7

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WarMachine unregistered
#3   31 Oct 2000
love it i love the bit were the white fog is that bit feels a looks great the map over all is very nice, somebits get alittle tight but not too bad, no offence too those who make tight maps but i just dont like tight maps,any way red church well done very well made map good game flow bots play well carnt wait to see some more work from you.....hehe War...:)
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Blitzz unregistered
#2   31 Oct 2000
Nice level, seeing the brushwork and all, but uhm...I'm missing that "oompf" feeling, where you feel like a level is standing out... It was all a bit too clean for my liking, bright textures n stuff.

I found it a bit too horizontal, too...Most of it is a bunch of long hallways, or they FELT like long hallways to me, and then you end up at the atrium with the RL again.

I'm not completely tearing down your level, I know I'll most likely never be able to map in q3 (unless Qoole q3 comes out or something).... Bu it's just what I felt like when I played the level.

Don't hate it, just don't like it very much

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redchurch unregistered
#1   31 Oct 2000
Let me know what you think! Love it? Hate it?

  • redchurch@ispchannel.com
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