The Musashi Encounter
The Musashi Encounter by tequila
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#10   09 Nov 2000
I like this map, the athmosphere reminds me to some UAC bases in Doom II.
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xfoo unregistered
#9   02 Nov 2000
some roofs are a little low, connectivity is great but the item placement falls short... the armors are way to close together, for vq3 or cpm
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elvis unregistered
#8   02 Nov 2000
cool map. i like the connectivity especially.. too bad the bots cant jump the way humans can, so i gotta say this map is probobly best for human macthes.

i played one on one and had some intese momments. i dont really like the item placement though it suits the layout, and dont like all the armor:(

too much armor makes it preatty easy..

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#7   01 Nov 2000
I've removed a double post in case you were wondering where it went :]
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RiO unregistered
#6   01 Nov 2000
I like the layout of the map, but I'm not keen on the decor. Still, if it keeps the download size down....
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tequila unregistered
#5   01 Nov 2000
thx tigger-on and mandog for taking the time to review, bill brooks for beta testing, and everyone's comments, it's neat to hear people enjoy playing on this map :).

on the brightness issue.. feedback is very welcome, everyone has different video card settings so i wasn't really sure what was too bright, i'll keep this in mind next map (which is coming along pretty well i think).

as for one player being able to dominate the map, this is probably a valid criticism, however, since both players can get from anywhere to just about anywhere in about 5 seconds, mistiming the armor spawns just a little bit gives the other player a chance to get back in the game.

at least that was my theory on item placement, and why four teleporters are included in such a small map. if anyone has an opportunity to playtest against human opponents (my connect is 56K, i can't really set up a server hehe) i'd certainly welcome feedback on how it plays, and if my theory holds true or not.


btw, i have one more map in the queue waiting to be reviewed, so if you liked this one keep an eye out for it, it's called 'Upon a Cross of Gold' and is a 4-8 player DM map. bill brooks and sovereign from were kind enough to beta test it, their advice helped enourmously.

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Bill Brooks unregistered
#4   01 Nov 2000
I also like this little level.

I enjoyed beta testing it.

It is a blast playing touney on.

But as dagger pointed out it can be ruled by a better player.

This was brought up in beta testing but there didn't seem to be a easy fix without removing power ups.

I too cant' wait for the next map.....

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Blitzz unregistered
#3   01 Nov 2000
It's bright and has too many corners but the sheer playability and ambiance makes a great map.

I'm looking forwar to see what the mapper can do in his next map, with curves hopefully =)

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Markov unregistered
#2   31 Oct 2000
I think it's a great level too - clean, solid and successful design that completely suits the Q3 engine. I'm posting this comment 'cos I really want to encourage this mapper - looking forward to more in the future...
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Dagger unregistered
#1   31 Oct 2000
This map is great. Reminds me a lot of tourney4 with all of the ways you can anticipate your opponents next move and take a shortcut to greet them there with a rocket ;) I agree that the level might be a little bright overall, but really, i haven't had an intense set of tourney matches like the ones i had in this level for quite a while! Also, it was quite easy to grab the rl, railgun, red armor, and yellow armor all within a period of 5 seconds, and this can make domination for a good player very possible. Mixing the teleporters up a little would probably fix this valuable run :) Overall, extremely fun tourney level!
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