The Musashi Encounter
Title : The Musashi Encounter

PK3 Name : teqtrny1.pk3
Date : Sept 22, 2000
Author : Robert 'tequila' Bettenberg
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page :

Description : 1v1 map.

Deathmatch : 2-3 FFA or tourney
Bots : Route Included (Anarki)

Installation : Unzip to your baseq3 directory.

MAP Information

BSP Name : maps/teqtrny1.bsp
AAS Name : maps/teqtrny1.aas
Arena Name : scripts/teqtrny1.arena
Levelshot : levelshots/teqtrny1.jpg
Textures : textures/tequila/*
Extra LIGHT : Yes
Full VIS : Yes


Base : New
New Textures : Yes, based on Q2 textures and original.
New Shaders : Yes, based on Q3 shaders.
Construction Time : 2 Weeks (off and on)
Testing Time : 1 Week (off and on)
Editor used : Q3Radiant (build 202)
Qutilities : Q3MAP
Other utilities : BSPC, Paintshop Pro, Eye Candy, Pakscape
Known Bugs : High r_speeds near the rocket launcher.


Thanks to Bill Brooks from Q-Workshop 3 for beta testing.

Copyright / Permissions

You MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MAY use the custom textures/shaders.

You MAY distribute this map over the Internet.

You MAY NOT distribute this map in any other form without written permission
from the author.